Best Alexa Hacks – Amazon Echo Dot Kids

Amazon Alexa smart speakers are useful, convenient and also fun! Especially the Echo Dot Kids edition. Designed to keep kids entertained, connected and safe the Amazon Echo Dot kids has a lot of tricks packed in. BTW, there’s a great Amazon Echo Dot Kids deal going right now. In this video we break down 5 Alexa hacks that kids can do at home to get the most out of the Amazon Echo Dot Kids.

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Benro S6 Video Tripod

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  1. PSA de Lachute


  2. Alex Jenkins

    Why would I want to buy this piece of creepy crap for my kids? I can think of many people who would love kids to have this, and some of them are paedophiles. Have a look at some news stories on items such as kids' watches that have a recording function built into them. One of them in Australia has had to stop production and sales because of the ability of other people being able to link up with a kid's watch when they shouldn't be able to.

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