Best 4K TV For Gaming! LG Super UHD Nano Cell TV Review

The latest 4K TV, LG Nano Cell TV! It’s AWESOME for gaming!
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34 Replies to “Best 4K TV For Gaming! LG Super UHD Nano Cell TV Review”

  1. alrafter

    I have been considering buying one for the last few weeks but I have never been impressed by the picture of any. To me they are far too bright and the colours too luminous. For example you don't see lit up grass or a lot of detail in the shadows in the real world. Or is this just the way they are set up in shops and demos and some of it can be turned off.

  2. murphiooo

    i bought samsung flagship led 4k hdr tv 3rd best from top cost me 1200 and 4 months later it was 500-600 ! 🙁 fuming best thing to do is go to independent tv retail shops and get the top flagship tv from 3 years bk as they tend to keep them as the big stores get rid of them as they want to sell the latest coz of the high price, as long it has 4k and hdr as they are big improvements and always look for low lag could also be under game mode or movie mode as important for fast moving scenes to look smooth in movies and gaming but MAKE SURE THE LOW LAG DOSNT COME WITH A CATCH THAT IT DOWNGRADES THE QUALITY OF THE SCREEN TO ACHIEVE IT AS THE SNEAKY FUCKERS WONT SAY THAT especially samsung tvs like my one did. and the old ones tend to have backlit led that is alot deeper darks better than sidelit led are but only reason the new tvs are more coz it just one more new gimmick i.e curved(useless), 3d(useless), hdr(worth it),4k(worth it) i could go on but cant be fucked, laters

  3. Nikos Stath

    This guy is useless, not only does he speak like a 5 year old but he says things that don't apply…

    For example crispness is more visible UP CLOSE, not from afar.
    Viewing angles are ok with most TV's unless you are looking from diagonally 70 degrees from the center (something which never happens).

    This isn't a review, it's a showcase. Know the difference man.

  4. Jeff Learns Linux

    This is horse shit! Nobody is even at this level of clarity yet! Not even cable companies have ALL channels in 4K! I have a 4K tv and it's 2 years old, still twiddling my thumbs at satellite and cable companies. Like seriously you libtard paid off tech reviewers piss me off on so many levels.

  5. D J

    No, nano cell TVs are terrible for gaming. WTF dude? You have no clue what you are telling people. Nano TVs have slow pixel response times and color banding issues as well.

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