Ben White and Kalvin Phillips to Manchester United? | Love Sport Radio talk to Conor

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34 Replies to “Ben White and Kalvin Phillips to Manchester United? | Love Sport Radio talk to Conor”

  1. alan bullman

    FFS I have been a Leeds fan since 1972 and still i am angry at the sale of Jordan and Macqueen all those years ago add to that Cantona Smith Ferdinand and more I wish our owners would say we will never sell to them again take a little less money and sell to ANY OVER CLUB and dont hurt the fans again LUFC forever

  2. ALAW

    Think you can’t really say he surpasses dunk and Duffy, he hasn’t played a minute in the Prem so that’s a bit of a daft thing to saaayyy

  3. Dilip Khednah

    Man Utd tend to come to ER to get our players. We need to keep out team together to win promotion. Man Utd are desperate, they are no longer what they used to be. We win promotion and we show what we are now.

  4. myg 22

    Any decent player we have can be touted, it's as simple as that, and we all ways let them go cheap, we don't even get a decent price, never fails to amaze me, just sick to death of our team being weakened, for the pittance money we get.

  5. Big Badger

    Ben White is on a season long loan at Leeds, if we paid a fee for him which is common for a season long loan, I wouldn't think that Brighton can recall and sell him. Kalvin Philips has just signed a 5 year contract and we turned down 20 million for him in the summer. If Man Utd do make a bid for him it would have to be 30 million plus. I can't see that Leeds would sell him if they are at all serious about getting promoted.

  6. Seve Sellors

    Would be gutted if they left, and fed up with us selling the family Silver especially to united! A club who always sell their best players is a club that is happy to be journeymen.

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