Belkin WeMo Smart Home Kit Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips

Turn your electronics on and off from ANYWHERE! Find out how!


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  1. ACDCnLedZeppelin

    For the life of me I can't think of a practical use for this? They then give an example on the box of an iron… really? Who leaves that plugged in all the time? It's not like irons take long to heat up? I now know what the purpose of this is, to remotely and safely be an arsonist. You can now set fires remotely and safely from you phone.

  2. Kratos1902

    The vision to build an OS to fit a hardware is just amazing, It works better than building an OS and just in a second to outdate most of the hardware. Reason why Apple has better machines.

  3. Esteban Perez

    You don't have to be in your house to control it. When you plug it in, it creates it's own wifi network so you can configure it. Basically you tell it that you want it to connect to your wifi network, enter your password, and it connects to the internet that way. It even supports control via IFTTT.

  4. Terinigan

    Yeah, with no AA. My one overclocked GTX 580 couldn't handle BF3 maxed at 1080p and at 4x MSAA which is why I got 2 more. Well it could handle it, but it had random drops which simply is not good enough. If I where you therunepianist I'd go for either a 670 or 7950.

  5. henkvermeervisstick

    Depends on your resolution,
    Assuming you've got a 1920×1080 monitor you should get:
    AMD HD7950
    Nvidia Gtx 660ti.
    Both got there ups and downs.
    7950 got 3 gigs of GDDR5
    660ti is a newer card with newer technologies.
    Your choise!

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