Behind the Scenes: Tesla Semi Truck & Roadster Event

I’ll take you behind the scenes of Tesla’s Semi Truck reveal event which really became a Tesla Roadster reveal event. Some behind the scenes footage and lots of stories to tell. We recap everything about the Tesla Semi Truck and the Tesla Roadster, and I read some comments and answer some questions in the live chat!

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26 Replies to “Behind the Scenes: Tesla Semi Truck & Roadster Event”

  1. molinkie

    Is there a link to a capture of the Tesla live stream of the Truck event? I've been watching your videos "after the fact" to try and catch up lately, and with these long ones, I feel like I need to take a nap about half-way through, but I clicked the like button anyway (not sarcastically.)

  2. Gene Phipps

    E for Electric. I could tell you knew your were going to catch a bit of flack the second you said it, and you are not entirely wrong of course…but I have to take exception to the comment or generalization about pickup truck owners. I did a quick Google search and it looks like truck sales in typically "green" states, (think California, Oregon, Massachusetts, etc.) topped 500,000 units in 2016. If you add to that the fact that a lot of pickups are used by small and medium businesses where operating costs are the biggest drivers of sales it illustrates a pretty compelling picture for Tesla to add a truck as soon as they reasonably can.

    I am going to do everything I can to keep my 12 year old Toyota going for as long as it takes for Tesla to release the pickup. Not all pickup truck owners are redneck flat Earth Trump lovers =)

    You may or may not have seen this on the news recently. That is from a pickup truck owner in of all places TEXAS.

  3. dlwatib

    I'm disappointed, not in what was announced. That was all good. But in the lack of details. I felt they tried to put too much into one event. For instance, we only saw one picture of the pickup truck, with no details. I know a lot of people really really want the pickup when it comes out, but there wasn't one detail about it. When can we expect it? What will its range be? It looks pretty hefty, what's its load capacity? Will there be a four door version of it? For the roadster, there were no door handles or mirrors. Will that make it into production? There were actually two trucks shown, but they only talked about the larger one, the one with 500 mile range. What about the other one? Is that the one that's going to have 300 mile range? Or is that going to be an option on both trucks? Will that matte black color be available? Will both trucks be available in 2019? How many truck orders were received prior to the event? How will the autopilot be able to see/sense the back of the trailer? Will the cars get included in the megacharger technology?

  4. Eco Kids

    Hi Alex great footage of the semi unveil I did say it would have a huge range and mega charging all the best keep up the great shows here is another prediction the model s will get a refresh at the start of next year interior will be more luxurious and will get the new hvac system the same as model 3 I have some other predictions will keep you updated

  5. IMHO

    I agree that for most people, the details of the semi are irrelevant because they will not use any of that technology in a t isn’t already in the model S, X, or 3. And the best we can hope about the Roadster is that some of the lessons learned make it to the S and X, but even more importantly, to the model 3 at a price point well below the cost of a P100DL.

    Can they shoehorn three motors into a model 3? Can they find enough room to double the kWh from 75 to 150?

    The 3 motor layout is logical because it allows you to use 3 identical motors while putting 66% of the power to the rear, 33% up front, torque vectoring, and more efficient traction control at the rear.

    If they want more efficiency they can make the rear motors induction and the front (cruising) motor permanent magnet. It doesn’t really need 325/30 ZR 21 tires, but if they can put some sticky 285s on it, that should allow the efficiency to get up from 3miles/kWh of the Roadster to a more reasonable 4miles/kWh.

    Elon said he would make a ludicrous mode model 3, dual motor. I’m pretty sure the 75kw battery won’t support that so they will need 100kwh or more. We will just have to wait until next year to see most of this.

  6. Abraham Hatch

    I thought Elon said the y would not be built on the same base as the 3 anymore because what they learned from the X that they would force something to fit when they can build it better planning from scratch.

  7. The Steel Curtain

    I joined the Live Chat late and heard you reference the video of La Chelle mocking your interviewing skills. I just saw the video. She's got presence and a great sense of humor. Lol!!!!

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. Patti Lacey

    They can program the trucks for their drivers logs to know when to quit driving as there are regulations on how many hours a semi driver can drive. (I delivered new trucks in my part time work.)

  9. The Steel Curtain

    Alex, I was pretty impressed with the entire event. It was very similar to a concert. What a great vibe Telsa has and they're certainly hitting their stride.

    The thing that I found most interesting was the range of the Telsa has achieved and the fast recharge that's available. I can only assume that this will make its way down to all Telsa owners in the near future.

    The SMACK DOWN has seriously been laid on gasoline vehicles. I'm so excited for the growth of renewable energies. Telsa continues to lead the way and everyone else in the industry seem to be in the nose bleed section.

  10. Patti Lacey

    The Roadster made my year! The semi was much more aerodynamic than I thought it would be and was the most attractive (if there is such a thing for a semi) that I have ever seen). It will blow the industry's mind when they see it.

  11. Tahoe Rock

    Have anybody noticed one little but by me on purpose ingredience. SABOTAGE. Yes they played this song. I think that Elon wanted to say something to Petroleum industry. We go electric, we go clean.

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