BeBop Drone In-Depth Review – with 1080p aerial footage

The brand new Parrot BeBop Drone. 1080p HD video recording, with 14MP still images. Aerial footage captured by me, and music is all original created by me. Available for $499.99 at major retailers (Best Buy,, Brookstone, Walmart)

28 Replies to “BeBop Drone In-Depth Review – with 1080p aerial footage”

  1. Mick Carson

    Drone my ass you Yankee ignorant illiterate. It's a fucking Quadcopter. One minute it's an RC bird, then it's a Bee, next it's an aircraft, now a multirotor… what else is there called a drone? And what exactly is a drone? You guys need to get off the drugs.

  2. Depor Cali23

    Does your drone also have a battery issue ? like the battery wont hold charge ? i just bought one and it came with both batteries that are acting up like that. I plug it in and it wont charge for 10 sec and its blinking red …… hate it cuz i cant even try it out

  3. Richard F J.r.

    Why does every one call them drones? it's because of the media. it is not a Drone! If it does not belong to the military it is not a drone. It is a "quadcopter" Please call it what it is

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