Battletoads & Rare Replay – Xbox Game Pass Trailer

All 30 of Rare Replay’s delicious gaming treats can be savoured on Xbox One via the magic of Xbox Game Pass, including two boisterous Battletoads titles. It’s the perfect way to prepare for Dlala Studios’ take on the ‘Toads landing on August 20th, also on Game Pass. GAME PASS!

The Battletoads are back! More Info:


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48 Replies to “Battletoads & Rare Replay – Xbox Game Pass Trailer”

  1. Matanumi

    Pretty sure rare replay wont make it to PC because of those backwards compatible 360 games create some hassles….

    Forever making this the ONE true XBox One exclusive

  2. Mariocat99

    Would be epic to play Viva pinata on PC. Since the original was on PC. And now "to me" seems impossible to play Viva pinata without windows live. But that was shut down for a long time. I know it was an Xbox thing. And it seemed very underrated for PC. Im already aware its unlikely. But hopefully a port to Series X in a couple months

  3. A.I

    Gordon ramsay" you can't rebrand the collection to another new xbox. Look at here it's raw man"

    * few minutes later*
    Rare" with xbox game pass you can play these games!"

    Gordon ramsay" oh f*ckin god just leave it JUST LEAVE IT!!. Your overcooking the game you f*ckin bastard."

    * one eternity later*
    Rare" we now announce that rare reply for the PC!"

    💀" this entire of waiting for this collection is unbelievably F*CKIN RRRRRAAAAAAAWWW!!!."

  4. Jesus Vera

    its really sad to see how much people want something from xbox to be in another platform like pc or nintendo switch, but never thinking in purchasing the console, like… if you really really want it, buy the console! , stop begging, people dont bother playstation like this for some unknown reason.

  5. John Nemesh

    Gamepass is the last refuge for games that no one would buy at even $20. Battletoads might hold nostalgia for 40 and 50 something gamers that remember the NES fondly, but it's not going to appeal that well to other, younger gamers…nor is it a "AAA" game. It fits right in with the other games on gamepass though.

  6. Israel De Avila

    So much potential lost because The actual heads of Rare do not think Banjo or maybe Conker would be great remakes ,of course if done by people that would love to work with it wish the real creator of banjo was still in Rare 🧐🧐😑😔😔😔 Mr Mayles!!!!

  7. Torizo Lima

    You guys should have an attitude about the Killer Instinct franchise and hire a second development team to keep it going. Trust the audience of thousands not to say millions of fighting game fans out there who like the Killer Instinct 2013 even if it almost got cancelled. I know a lot happened since microsoft bought the studio but there must be something from what it was in the '90. Killer Instinct is unique. There are no other fighting game like this. KI can be great just as MK or SF if it falls at the hand of the right developer who take good care of the game pleasing both boomers and zoomers out there doing it like it was in the '90 and go forth in the present time

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