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A playthrough of Tradewest’s 1993 action game for the Super NES, Battletoads in Battlemaniacs.

This is am extremely impressive looking game with huge, well-animated sprites, sense of speed, and the general level of detail – just check out those reflections on the floor of the bonus stages.

I’ve always liked this game. It’s not anywhere near as original as the first game on the NES – most of these levels are slightly tweaked rehashes of those in the first game, but it does play well. I also have to say that I completely disagree with the seemingly popular opinion that this game is outrageously hard. It’s not a pushover and it does require a fair amount of memorization, but seriously- if you were able to beat the NES game, this is an absolute cakewalk by comparison. It seems that it might be the Battletoads’ genetic legacy to be regarded as a legendarily difficult, but this has nothing on the likes of Super Ghouls n Ghosts or the Super Star Wars games.

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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42 Replies to “Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (SNES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete”

  1. rip ast

    ¿A alguien más le ha quedado la impresión que este juego está algo incompleto respecto al original de NES y Rare se quedó en un quiero pero no puedo?

    Recordemos que el juego de NES tenía de todo, escenas variadas con diferentes estilos de habilidad, mientras que el de SNES apenas rescató la mitad de esas escenas, les mejoraron los gráficos y lo lanzaron con apuros. Entre otras cosas el juego de NES tenía un final épico donde debías subir una torre giratoria para luego pelear con Dark Queen en lo alto de dicha torre, en Batlemaniacs prácticamente todo se desinfla BAJANDO por una torre que es remedo de la escena de carreras contra las ratas y peleando con Dark Quen en la parte más baja de la torre ¿dónde está lo épico en eso?

  2. John Smith

    Everything up to the point where you ride a vehicle into walls is the best part of the game. I wish they kept that "smash everything that lives" formula and didn't have any of the pure difficulty sections.


    This game is stupid hard, with a heavy emphasis on stupid. I can almost forgive the route memorization snake pit, but the rollercoaster made me want to throw my controller.

  4. Miguel B

    Wow. Looking back, this game kinda sucks. Only 2 brawling levels and the rest are bs vehicle levels. The tree one i can forgive, but damn that bike level sucks balls. And only 2 bosses? Pretty lame.

  5. Zell

    Notice how you never see the Battletoads from the back. This is because their gloriously naked asses are so perfect that to gaze upon them would stop time itself and destroy the universe.

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