Battletoads 2020 – Final Boss, ENDING, & Credits (XBOX ONE X)

This is the final boss, ending, and credits sequence in the new Battletoads. This is a dual boss and can be a bit hectic. I am the worst when it comes to guessing when to jump. Needs more practice. I got the boss in my first try so I didn’t have room for practice lol.

►NOTE – Thanks to Ana of Veritas Communications and Microsoft for the game!

►NOTE – Outro Music credit goes to my friends Black Creek Reign:
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6 Replies to “Battletoads 2020 – Final Boss, ENDING, & Credits (XBOX ONE X)”

  1. Rubhen925

    Pretty bad fight on my part, but i killed them on my first try lol. No chance to really practice. Gonna go on hardest mode and see what this is like. Enjoy 🙂

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  2. infodroid

    Can anyone potentially tell me the OST at 10:12 ? It's that piano sound that also plays in the first part of the game where you are doing those "menial jobs" it plays during the computer typing portion of that.

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