Bangkok City – beauty of the Thai capital (drone views)

Bangkok a.k.a. Krung Thep (City of Angels) is well worth a visit! Over 14 million people live within the surrounding Bangkok metropolitan region, making the Thai capital an incredible and at the same time bustling city. This video intends to showcase some of its craziness, beauty and grace.

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Music: Shallou – Heights (Extended Mix)

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25 Replies to “Bangkok City – beauty of the Thai capital (drone views)”

  1. Troy Pointer Photography

    Hello this is Troy at Troy pointer photography this is a great video and I use part of the clip because I thought it was so great and I hope that you don't mind for my up-and-coming photography tour in Thailand I have enjoyed watching this video a few times out of many that I have watched I decided to try and use a little bit because you had the family element in it and I liked it a lot all my best Troy ps You can also catch maybe some of my stuff between December and January of this year PS Did you have any bother flying the drone over the Cities ?

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