Badass iPhone Stun Gun Case! + Electrocuting Myself⚡️🐝

The 8 Million Volt iPhone 7/6S/6 Stun Gun Case! This Thing HURTS, Shocking Myself & iPhone 7 on Video. Yellow Jacket iPhone Case.

Preorder One Here:

26 Replies to “Badass iPhone Stun Gun Case! + Electrocuting Myself⚡️🐝”

  1. Pedro Martins

    Do you know how much is 8 Milion Volts?
    that´s 32000 volts your may stop beating if you get shoked with 200000 volts
    but 8 milion come on with 8 milion volts you make a park 8 meters away.
    what a stupidety.


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