Bad Nintendo Wii Games – gillythekid

If you’ve never gone to the back of a Gamestop and found the shovelware wonderland that is the Nintendo Wii section, you’re in for a real treat.

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33 Replies to “Bad Nintendo Wii Games – gillythekid”

  1. Larry Kohut

    Other bad Wii games.1. Beastly 2. Anibus 2. 3. Ninja bread man 4. The smurfs 2 5. The biggest loser 6. The bachelor 7. Space chimps 8. Tales of desperux 9. Barbie 10. Spiderman friend or foe 11. Chicken shoot 12. Wii play 13. Wipe out the game 14. Littlest pet shop 15. Petz 16. Petz 2 17. CSI fatal conspiracy 18. Chicken little 19 amazing race 20. Deca sports 21. Deca sports 2 22. Deca sports 3 23. 30 great games. 24. Wii fit 25. Wii fit plus 26. Wii music 27. Barnyard 28. Battle rage 29. Naked brothers band 30. High school musical 3. . all shitty Wii games don't buy them.

  2. TheMGMfan

    Rock n Roll Adventures did map jumping to a button, but that button is Z of all buttons. They don't tell you this in the tutorial, either, hence why you didn't know; they really wanted you to jump using the motion controls of a Nunchuck.

  3. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    so You’re Playing as The King of Rock,&,Roll,Elvis Presley Who Was Around in The 50s,&,60s When it Was Only Vinyl Records,But You’re Collecting CDs Which Were Invented in The 80s,&,90s,I Know I Suck at Math,so It’s Gonna Just Sound Ironic Coming From me,But Something Really,Really Doesn’t Add up Here,Can Somebody Please Explain That to me?

  4. Jodee Rebecca Davey

    Hitler Wannabe:”Anybody Found With a Toy Will be Thrown in The Dungeon”
    Kevin Tran:”is This a Sex Torture Dungeon?”
    Dean Winchester:”no,This Isn’t a Sex Torture Dungeon”
    me:Too Good to Pass up,no Shame in my Game,Right SPN Fam.?

  5. Ri Dragon

    Hey! I had sea creatures when I was a kid! I remember liking it but also… Not doing anything in it and getting bored. I guess I liked the concept of it? I had another game similar to it but with arctic animals

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