Autonomous Nissan Leaf | Fully Charged

Our first ride in a fully autonomous car on public roads in the UK. Nissan very kindly arranged this experience, I’d particularly like to that Tetsuya Iijima, who is ‘not’ driving the car, he had been showing this vehicle to numerous journalists before we arrived but still showed great enthusiasm.

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  1. Trevor Stolz

    They talked about rain, but I have to wonder how this vehicle will do in blow snow in northern Canada. It really gets to the point where your headlights are very dim because they are covered with snow. In the spring, the water/mud spray that is thrown up by passing commercial trucks certainly dims headlights and covers all glass. Having said that, if the car can see pedestrians, I assume it can also see deer, moose and elk, a great help when driving at night in winter! I wonder if this kind of car will result in lower insurance premiums.

  2. Robert Stoker

    Hello, I am blind and so, therefore, must use the computer with specialised audible software. For years now since first hearing of Autonomous vehicles were first muted, I have dreamt of owning one of these, I must admit when Lord James Dyson (yes the vacuum cleaner guy) suggested these to me I was a little sceptical no hang on I was scared but I was sold on it being a car for VIPs – VIP = Visually Impaired Person. I was unsure about being in a `metal box` travelling at speeds of up to 70mph without any control but hang on thinking about it that's what I do now, but this is SAFER.
    Freedom for everyone, fewer accidents that are put down to `Human Error`,
    Using your Mobile (you are not driving THE CAR IS)
    are there any? Sure folk will say, "It takes the fun out of driving" BUT think about it for years drivers have been saying, "I'm knackered, I've been at work all day now I've had to drive to" this location or that location well this is the answer to their problems isn't it.

  3. Dr Usteh

    Wait for all the cars to communicate <3 and wait for hackers they might already know how to decode the car but they're just waiting for it to go global D': The worst bump for science is humanity u.u

  4. anyuone

    I am seriously thinking about buying the 60 kWh Leaf when it comes out. However, I have a small garage, 4500 x 2100. From the specs, I can see this is tight. Could anyone please tell me if the Propilot would handle this? Thanks. Mike

  5. MythosGandaar

    Coming at this from a mid 2018 perspective, I wonder what is the difference between this and the tech we have in production cars today, such as Tesla Autopilot and Nissan's own ProPilot Assist? They are nowhere near autonomous, but clearly the technology exists. Is it just the enormous amount of senors required that is keeping this tech out of production cars? Or maybe legal barriers?

  6. Filip 36

    Sorry, I don't see the point of this. Just to prove that it can be done ? Someday soon the "masses" will be so stupid just to take everything and live like programmed robots without using – sorry developing their own brains…. for many it IS already the case. So sad to see this ravin opening wider and wider in "modern" society ! A real decline knowing that there are more urgent priorities……….

  7. Simon Carr

    Amazing. Unbelievable that they think this will be in production in 2 years time. Imagine what we will have in 20 years. I imagine, you will just go to sleep and wake up at your destination.

  8. Kexin Tian

    Automonous driving technology is hardly practical in countries like china and india where there are simply too many people on the roads, people cutting in front of each other and not giving way to each other or following traffic rules. Self-pilot car owners will be at great disadvantage than others and their car will be constantly stopping and forced to give ways to other cars or people

  9. TheFourthWinchester

    Real test for fully autonomous vehicles will be India. Once you make it in India, you're safe anywhere on the world. And autonomous vehicles might not be able to navigate Indian roads for another 3 decades. Still this is exciting!

  10. guitarplayerforu

    Will autonomous cars see cyclists and Motorcyclists better than most people? when I'm driving I'm always on the lookout for both cyclists and Motorcyclists. Not once have i had an accident in my 4 years of driving so far. I fear autonomous cars will stop me doing 1 of the things i love though, i love driving, surely people will have the option of driving a autonomous car manually should they want to? Bit like a jet aircraft where a pilot can hand fly it if he/she wanted too or put autopilot on rest of time.

  11. Danny Thompson

    A superb episode that I keep coming back to and sharing with people I know (the curious and the vociferous nay-sayers). I'm quite looking forward to AV for commuting purposes, even if I do still have to remain in the front seat (boo hiss).

  12. Sousa Lucas

    We really living in the future 2017 we already have cars that can drives itself ..imagine what we gonna have in 50 years?!? Yeah robots is definitely taking over the world

  13. Neill Aldegheri

    This is amazing! So many accidents happen because humans can't judge safe distances from the car in front (as we saw in the video). Apart from the obvious usefulness of autonomous point to point driving cars I firmly believe lives will be saved thanks to these systems! Thanks for delivering positive messages with such clarity! Fantastico!

  14. bluestack summer

    the thing about autonomous driving is that: driver cannot afford to be beta tester, and company cannot afford to have public as beta testers (very difference from normal tech models)

    right now Tesla enjoys a unique situation where there is no other competitors out there. so you got model S/X or nothing. but when competitors are out (and very soon too), any fatal accident will be amplified and consumer will simply jump ship. also remember when consumer are disconnected from car, they will have little brand loyalty (do you have brand loyalty to your taxi vehicle?) all it matter is to have a company fully stand behind any legal responsibilities, which again comes back to no beta tester argument.

    for that very reason, i place my bet on GM, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Honda over tesla in the upcoming battle.

  15. 1234

    My problem is other drivers… Where I live EVERYONE drives like a maniac and I swear to god I was with my mom and she was going 20 over the speed limit and people were STILL riding her ass, and trying to pass her anyway possible (even doing illegal stuff like passing through double solid lines). If this car drives properly and goes the speed limit I feel like people would literally be sent into road rage and try and hurt me (I know that sounds crazy, but I am not kidding that people out here are crazy). Also people who get angry might realize my car is autonomous and try and figure out ways to fuck with my car, like try and manipulate the program to say make my car constantly stop or something…. So basically as usual the problem isn't the actual technology it's other humans :((((
    I swear to god I hate humans, we can never have nice things because we are evil, selfish, stupid, monkeys…

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