Automatically Set Thermostat Away When You Leave Your Home Using IFTTT

In this video I’ll show you how to set up IFTTT to automatically set your thermostat to away when you leave home. Works for both individuals and Families. It’s great for those of you who don’t have a regular schedule or work odd hours.

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8 Replies to “Automatically Set Thermostat Away When You Leave Your Home Using IFTTT”

  1. Mitesh Shah

    This recipe can also be used instead to turn off lights when you leave or turn them on when you get home. Hopefully this helps anyone with a family who was stuck looking for a solution to this!

  2. NobleNobbler

    I set random lights and fans to turn on only after 2am whenever a family member is not in a room. Duplex switch on 110v allows random voice and smoke machine to activate in attic too so this is a very useful technology A++++

  3. Guy Hufstetler

    Thank you so much for this. My family has used Life360 for years. I just bought an ecobee3, and was getting horribly frustrated trying to set up geofencing with Apple Homekit for multiple users. I downloaded IFTTT and had this set up in minutes. Geofencing was one of the primary reasons I bought a smart thermostat. I'm glad this is available through Life360, a service we were already using!

  4. Robert Frazier

    I did both of these applets with IFTTT and they are working well. I had to remove elements of our schedule (basically remove any away and home schedules between the morning and the sleep setting at night) and it works like a charm. Before I did that, the scheduled comfort setting would kick in to Home and override the Away setting if no one had returned home by time the schedule was to start. Now that's all fixed. However, what happens if we come home late and the Sleep comfort setting is active due to the schedule. Will it now override that and say we're Home and not transition again until whatever comes next in the schedule?

    Is there a way around that? Stringify perhaps? I've not used that and barely used IFTTT.

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