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People keep asking so here is the most current gear I use
Sony A6500
Sony A6300 B-Cam
Main lens Sigma 16mm F1.4
Canon M50
Canon SL2

Lens 12mm
Lens 24mm
Lens 10-18mm
Lens 50mm

Fotodiox Lens adapter


Rode VideoMicro
Takstar SG598
Zoom H1

Drones I use

Mavic Zoom
Mavic Air
Autel Evo

Archived Drones of 2018

Phantom 4 Pro

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  1. John s

    Everything looks and sounds great but let's see how it performs before we can compare it to the mavic which is a great drone the mavic still selling to this day this thing could fizzle out within a year or so like the blade chroma which was a $1,200 drone not saying I hope it does but DJI has a great line of drones but their customer service sucks best of luck to this new drone and if it does well maybe I will buy one but I will wait to see the reviews at least 4 or 5 months down the road

  2. Jason Noyes

    why dont you ask them why they delayed the release ? because it has been pointed out that if they dont use 1 inch sensor then they stand no chance against dji. as in a 3 part series i just watch with an evo rep flying and showing and talking about what they are doing and i sent him a message on twitter and as of right now they are going back to make changes which is why no evo for a long while yet;

  3. SmittysBuilds

    30 min of flight 4k 60fps 100mbps, looking good.
    40mph not in sport, 7km range.

    Specs seem solid.
    camera is better then mavic pro and air.
    as long as the software is good, it's very tempting.

  4. Cole's Tech N Things

    Here is my thing….nobody finds it ironic that a drone that resembles DJI design is supposed to take DJI off the pedestal? Even the LEDs and colors look so similar, along with its sensors, and so on. I think Autel is DJI, and DJI is Autel.

  5. Johnny Depp

    getting to a point where we cant expect more of the drone ??? what about 2 or 3 x time the flight time ?? or normal price batteries… 99 usd for a 3s battery with a size of what 3200-3500 mah ??

  6. nobby styles

    and re the legs folding outwards instead of down and forward like the mavic pro thats just nonsense. the reason for that is the same as apple making their operating system folders with the buttons on the opposite side to the microsoft ones. it circumnavigates copyright issues and gives them some weak ass plausible deniability.

  7. nobby styles

    saw some great points on another channel the other night that autel have massively fucked up with this. this drone out performs the mavic pro and competes nicely with the air but if they had released different sensor options and priced it to challenge the air they could have easily given dji a run for their money which means more market place competition and in turn better products and better value for us the buyers. so yeah a huge fuck up imo.

  8. Jean Yann

    Very informative video about a brandnew product, continue like this !
    I'm very interesting about NOISE.
    What about Mavic pro Platinum comparison ? Who's the quieter ? How many db for EVO ?
    Thanx in advance :o)

  9. Tekolicious

    The hardware looks awesome, hoping the software suite can match it. The DJI app has a lot of filming modes, so that will be the tipping point for some people, because in the end execution out ways specs. Nice video. I hope they come out soon because the Mavic 2 is not far out.

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