Autel EVO vs DJI Mavic 2 Pro! (4K)

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Today we pit the Autel EVO versus DJI Mavic 2 Pro! I was very surprised and impressed with the side-by-side results, and I’m intrigued to hear which you think looks better. The EVO can shoot 4K 60fps, the Mavic 2 Pro maxes at 4K 30fps. The EVO has an OLED screen for a live video feed built right-into the remote control (one of my favorite features :). On the other hands, the Mavic 2 Pro has object avoidance sensors in all directions, thus better/more advanced auto tracking capabilities. The Mavic 2 Pro also has a 1″ Hasselblad camera sensor onboard, which in certain shots, you can clear see the results of a larger sensor.

Both drones have unique features going for each, and the prices are very different as well. Which one would you buy?!

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My Gear Used In This Video:
Main A-roll camera (Sony):
4K B-roll cam (RX100V):
Phone (V30):

Electric Unicycle:

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33 Replies to “Autel EVO vs DJI Mavic 2 Pro! (4K)”

  1. John s

    Just stay away from the mavic air it's the worst drone ever so many transmission signal issues it's unbelievable mavic 2 series all the way I rather go with the evo then the mavic air DJI should have used ocusync in the mavic air it could have been a great drone

  2. My Nguyen

    I like the waypoint mission of the Evo over the restrictive DJI waypoint mode. As a result, the Litchi app is my preferred software over the complicated and troublesome DJI Go app P4. DJI still has a long way to go to make its software more simple and user friendly.
    Autel Robotics is the clear winner over this issue!

  3. Drone Hero Yen

    Honestly I gotta go with the Evo overall. Now I am purchasing a Evo over the Mavic 2 pro. It isn't worth it's price a lot of that is the DJI name. Also the no fly zones and updates are very irritating. But to zoom in on this video particularly, I highly prefer the Evo. Reason is to me on my Note 9 phone, on my 4k QULED Samsung TV, on my hp 2k gaming monitor, the Autel Evo always looked more natural, like as in what the human eye would see. The Mavic clearly did slightly blow out the sky, and the grass some, while the Evo kept every color in focus. Also "to me" the Mavic looked noisier to me, the sharpness was over sharp, the ripples were too much, and seemed too edgy. The Evo was smoother and my eyes were literally relaxed looking at the Evo shots. The Mavic looks great, but right beside the Evo I didn't like the edgier and noisier looking video/picture. The Evo definitely looks natural and has basically.. No blow out at all. In some shots the Mavic almost completely whited the sky out while the Evo ket the sky it's deep blue and the clouds pure white, no glowing or blow out or over saturation.

  4. AeroMoPho

    Thank you Ben. I watched this video 2 months ago. I decided to get TWO DRONES [#1 Parrot Anafi extended ($649) + #2 Autel Evo on the go bundle ($999). I paid $1648 for those two drones instead of $1877 for just one Mavic Pro 2 fly more. I am so happy with my choices. I love the versatility this two-drone combo offers. Thanks for the info. Cheers.

  5. Daniel Vazquez

    I wish this truthful, honest comparison video was done before I bought my M2P, after this my honest answer to my why??? is that I was desperate!!! and made a mistake by spending over $1800.00 dollars since I as well bought the fly more combo…
    This Autel looks amazing and honestly I like that blue sky more than I do that fake pond of a lake!
    I will eventually get my hands on one of those Autel, I just have to keep working with my P4A and my M2P a little longer doing my surveys and “voila”! Hello Autel!!!
    Thanks very much for this video Ben,
    Really nice and well done comparison!

  6. Skorpion Reaper

    Most of you here are all missing the major point. The Autel Robotics Evo is still in development. In Full Swing I may add. So wait until you see what happens in July 2019. I mean no disrespect to any of you.

  7. LynnB Burkhart

    I’ve been looking at the Mavic, but at times I’d need to speak with support. DJI has many reviews of poor or non-existent support that leaves me quite concerned. Due to the Autel performance it seems I’d feel more comfortable owning an autel. Anyone know if they will be introducing a new model soon?

  8. Rosco's Drone Zone

    Bang for buck the Autel Evo is hands down the big winner.
    For camera images and low light the Mavic 2 Pro wins, but for video the Autel Evo wins with its 94 degree field of view and 60fps in 4K..
    And the Evo controller is a stand out winner against all competition.
    The colours look far more natural with the Evo, however this is very subjective.


    I own M2P and not defending it because I owning it , but just stop the video at about 4:38 what do you see is:
    AE: very artificial blue sky which normally you could not see it with naked eye and faded green grass looks like almost die. Far distance you can not clearly see the sharp edge of the objects.
    M2P : I can see the ripples on the lake and color to me more realistic ( you can argue on this until die doesn't matter ) Far distance I can still see much sharper edges of the objects,
    And stop also the video at 5:10 what you can see is
    AE : shingle on the roof not visible at all and object at the horizon blurred
    M2P: You can see almost all the shingles and object at far distance more clear ( at least to me)

    On the other hand yes price of AE cheaper and you dont need to plug in your mobile device , these are only the positive points for me.

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