Autel EVO Review – Part 5 – [ 7 Mile In-Depth Range Test ]

Enjoy my Autel EVO Review – Part 5 – 7 Mile In-Depth Range Test. EVO here
Drone Launch Pad
DJI Sunshade

EVO Flight Test Part 1

EVO Flight Test Part 2

EVO Unboxing, setup & Updating

Definitely a valid competitor in the realm of the Mavic Pro. Hoping for a few software updates soon to help make the choice between the two even harder.

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Aloha, Dustin.
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50 Replies to “Autel EVO Review – Part 5 – [ 7 Mile In-Depth Range Test ]”

  1. Jerry Stanley

    I have a DJI Mavic Pro Platinum and I like it very much.

    However I have been interested in the Autel EVO as well. Your range test was very impressive and you had me on the edge of my chair to see if you were going to make it all the way back to your home base. The 3.5 miles out was quite impressive and even though it looked like the EVO would not make it you took over and got it back to the home launch pad safely.

    I enjoyed your Video very much, Great Job!

  2. timothy miller

    I've been watching your videos for a bit you do great reviews. I like the skydio 2 review. Im eyeing the autel evo 2 pro 6k and im wondering how long it would take to ship and also if you reviewed that yet or will be reviewing it. I like the skydio 2 but don't like the remote. I like that mavic pro 2 and the zoom but this is definitely the way for me. This autel company seems like they are on par with being a top contender in the drone game and lots of things about it are better than dji. Thanks for doing these reviews and being honest and informative. Where can I purchase the autel evo 2 and get it in a timely manner? I thought geekbuy or drone works but I wasn't going to pull the trigger yet until I know what the best place is. And I feel like I should get insurance on the drone as it is about 2 gs. I feel it is worth every penny when i watched your unboxing of this drone and did the firmware update and then this range test. So…the evo 2 pro 6k is where im at and i wanted i fly more type combo. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks and great channel

  3. Andrew

    I'm looking forward to this style of video for the EVO II. I am wondering if you can answer what would happen if a) the drone had to land at some distance away, could you locate it? and b) If you were unfortunate and hit a tree and the battery fell out (worst possible thing) could you locate the drone?

  4. muzikmon2267

    You said you did the matter protest with no houses.

    I would consider the amount of houses that you went over in that is between your controller and you. VERY LITTLE.. I don't think that made any difference. It's not like you're flying in a heavily populated area in the middle of the city.


  5. Anthony

    Sold my Mavic Pro just recently and I got this. What a big difference in performance and the camera. The Camera! Wow! Thanks for the video. I'm a noob and get nervous at 2000 ft out!lol

  6. Rc Car guy

    After watching this video I have a Mavic two and I’m noticing that you turn off sensors and do a bunch of different things I’m assuming that helps with the signal transmission. If you could help me understand a little bit better for a longer range I would greatly appreciate it. As always your videos are inspiring and extremely helpful.οΏΌ

  7. John long

    Hey Dustin the altel evo 2 has been released. They claim a 5.65 or 9 km range. It runs on 900 mhz and 2.4 ghz. 6k and 8k video recording. Dji watch out!! Flight times of 40 mins. Real world 34 .

  8. Wexellence

    Maybe you want to make a video about transporting something with the drone comfortably? Maybe i forgot my sandwich at home, you know? πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
    Amazing video by the way. I am looking for my first drone and i think this did it. Unless i find something that can go farther which i seriously doubt.

  9. Arlan

    Have you tried pushing on the pause button once, to gain manual control when the drone is doing a preset function. If you hit the pause button again, it will resume auto function. In this case it will continue the returning home function.

  10. coolbeans 2016

    Strapping phone to bottom, wonder if the DJI Mavic directional antenna add-on's would improve the signal range….??!!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    I think one of the many firmware upgrades over the last 6 months, if not more than 1 addressed signal loss but no one, no one has updated distance check. In fact, this is the only channel that consistently does range checks!!!

  11. integra

    On RTH you tried to rotate to see the sun and it did not work,… why were you able to control the quad when the battery was low….did you have to Cancel RTH to take control again ??

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