AUTEL EVO Review – [Flight Test Part 1 In-Depth / Pros & Cons] Better Than a Mavic?

Enjoy my AUTEL EVO Review – Flight Test Part 1 In-Depth / Pros & Cons. Get the EVO here
Drone Launch Pad

EVO Flight Test Part 2

EVO Unboxing, setup & Updating

Definitely a valid competitor in the realm of the Mavic Pro. Hoping for a few software updates soon to help make the choice between the two even harder.

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Aloha, Dustin.
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43 Replies to “AUTEL EVO Review – [Flight Test Part 1 In-Depth / Pros & Cons] Better Than a Mavic?”

  1. William Horsley

    Hi from California. I'm thinking about evo 2 but $1475 for base setup WOW!! But I'm seriously thinking about it then I thought wait for the price to drop. Then I thought the same about evo 1 and its price tag hasn't budged since it came out. So I think I might as well get the evo 2 tho I'd like to see your video opinion on it when you review the evo 2. I bought splash 3 + after watching your intentional crash.

  2. Matt Fenton

    Great review…As an owner of multiple DJI Drones, it's great to see an American based company that can finally compete with DJI. The Evo II just came out which looks even more promising.

  3. Malc B

    Makes you realise how bad the software was, the app, the drone capability, your health, your video… from two years ago… haha.. worth watching for the laugh… Cheers

  4. DiveJumpShooter

    Great job if I could make 1 small critique- for those of us itching to hear what you have to say, when you stop to tell us about the cautious/caution or why the grass is brown, etc. it is really distracting and for some folks it will have them go off and think enough about living in Hawaii (I was stationed with a Marine unit K-Bay) or man if they messed up the word caution what else did they mess up. Anyhow ,anything that doesn't apply directly to the subject matter and especially for folks looking to ingest/digest info that kind of side dialogue can distract and frustrate. I just mention it because when I used to give tactical training or critiques I'd notice that other instructors that did that often lost some or if really bad all the crowd and had less impact. Otherwise top shelf

  5. ThinkVlog_ 4Life

    Is this the 4k version Drone or the regular one, Just curious because Best Buy have one for 220.00
    Autel Robotics – EVO On-The-Go Bundle – Black/Orange And I'm not sure which one you are flying 🙂

  6. River Styx Outdoors

    Crazy I got the same pack. Carry case etc but with 3 batteries. New to it. Licensed but absolutely love it. That bag holds two extra, plus all cords equipment, and I phone plus to use for flying. Great buy. Also uses regular I phone cord on standard usb slot. Both I phone cords work on mine.

  7. James Shaffer

    Another example of someone not reading the manual and making suggestions and comparing this Drone when they don’t know how it works. I would suggest you read the manuals before making statements.

  8. Eric Platt

    Am looking into drones for real estate photography and the non-smoothness on the rotation shooting is pretty much a deal breaker… unless things have changed since this review was made?

  9. Whit10mm

    Nice Video. I just got my Evo yesterday, love it. Question, When you record from the app on your phone does it pick up your voice while recording the aerial video? thanks. DCW

  10. Phillip Vastopoulos

    I'm interested in this drone. I have a smartphone but I have no internet on it. Would this phone work with the controller? It's a ZTE phone. Would I be able to see an image on the phone? I need your advice and I'm a loyal follower.

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