Autel EVO – My New Favorite Drone…Review

My review of the Autel EVO, Yes I paid for this drone I did not receive any compensation for my review.

1) great stable video even at 45mph
2) avoidance collision system
3) has beginner mode
4) controller has a 3.3 OLED display on the controller you don’t need to use a tablet or smartphone, but I would
5) many modes for video and pictures video goes from 720p to 4k+ you can adjust your frames per second up to 60fps @4k nice
6) you can do YouTube Live!
7) batteries last for 20 to 30 mins depends on speed
8) confidence is flying, never felt 100% comfortable with flying until this drone
9) still need to calibrate before flights
10) firmware updates are displayed on the controller of you have multiple batteries you need to update the firmware on each of them as well
11) I bought the rugged pack, with 2 spare batteries and spare props, shop around for free shipping and no tax, Autel set the selling price so amazon and eBay are the same cost
12) I never had to contact but Autel’s support seems easy to get a hold of
13) drone is foldable like other brands
14) by far my favorite drone

(afterthought…. The OLED Controller display has no screen protection to it, so I removed one from one of my retired phones did a rough cut and placed it over the display of the controller…. did the trick, I can’t post a picture of it, but you get the idea)

I still like my MJX Bugs and my Holy Stones but they are toy grade….this is not

As I stated this drone does have beginner mode, if this is your first drone watch videos or this video and get to know the basics and remember if you are in the USA the FAA has rules you need to know

1) maximum height 122m or 400ft
2) fly LOS or Line of Sight
3) no public parks or anyplace with a crowd….

read more from the FAA website

Fly Safe!

29 Replies to “Autel EVO – My New Favorite Drone…Review”

  1. Tomaso

    Hey, that was a good review. I concur with what you talked about. I am an iPhone user and instead of getting a cable that was 3 feet and having it dangle down and be in my way, I found the perfect resolve. Go on Amazon it's called; Skytreat, 1.14'/ 35cm Lightning USB cable with Apple Mfi certified right size angle for the Autel Evo and its around $13.50 w/tax. It's identical to the rt. angled cables cables that come with the Evo. Treat yourself, it's worth it. I've subscribed as I'm interested in more you might do with Autel and how you do it. You're the canary.
    Hey, do a vlog on the fucking license ordeal you need to get to legally fly. You forgot to mention, No Geofencing.!! Tomaso

  2. William Horsley

    Did you set a range limit. Did you say 1600ft? Line of sight rule? I've seen ranges far beyond that. Finally except for quadcopter 101 someone who doesn't break FAA rules tho I think out in the country away from people should be legal but I wouldn't want to risk $1000 quadcopter so I send my hubsan zino pro to go long range. It's a smoking turd next to evo but will go quite a way

  3. JR 1322

    Great video. I just got my evo 2 weeks ago. So far so good. How can I save my video onto the phone? I have a phantom 4. And the dji software records on to the phone as well as on the SD card on the drone. Thank you.

  4. Randy McNeely

    Just ordered one today. Needed an upgrade from the Mavic Mini before spring. Found your channel while binge watching. Subbed and liked. My new channel is Northern Kentucky based. HawXVieW Aerials salutes the river fliers.

  5. Joseph Cope

    I'm so happy with my Evo. When I play back its aerial videos on a 4K smart TV, watching a couple of feet from the screen, it looks like I'm right up there observing the scenery from an airplane. Awe inspiring!


    I am currently flying the typhoon h.
    But the evil sure seems nice.
    if something ever happens to my typhoon H perhaps I will go with an EVO
    Great review my friend.
    Keith Kuhn also on
    KK Motion Pictures

  7. John s

    The Autel Evo in my opinion is the second best drone out there for its size the mavic 2 Series is the number one and that's going buy drones sold BUT if DJI comes out with the mavic Air 2 with ocusync it will knock the Autel Evo out of the sky and most likely destroy Autel sales which aren't that great now and end up like the X star discontinued I hope not but we'll see

  8. John s

    I just sold my Evo I didn't like the way you have to go through menu to change everything like the speed the zoom the EV the mavic 2 Zoom you do it from the controller without going through the menu and if you're doing video and if you need to zoom in on something fast like an eagle in my case those two seconds are important the mavic 2 Zoom you can zoom in in a Split Second my opinion the Autel Evo is a good beginners drone and when you need overhead shots instead going up on the mavic 2 the camera goes upwards which is very important and the controller antennas are very flimsy they're not solid like the mavic antennas are the only thing I like about the Autel Evo is the carry bag it was so nice DJI the carry bag is horrible and the ocusync 2 is the best and on top of that Autel takes forever to come out with accessories like their charger it took all this time to come out and it can't even charge 4 batteries at one time and yes I do think DJI is expensive but I guess you have to bite the bullet sometimes and I could find accessories everywhere no problem I paid $39 for my battery charger it charges 4 batteries the controller and a iPad Mini at the same time bye-bye Autel won't miss you

  9. The Urban Artist

    The Evo is the only drone that’s the other option besides a Mavic Pro. I had the Bebop line up since they came out. Well somebody broke into my truck at church and stole my Bebop 2 , four months ago amongst other things. I went with the Mavic Pro fly more combo as a replacement. Flying is my life it’s therapy for me. Nice video man. Maybe you can give us some good city range of the Evo’s capabilities 👍

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