Autel EVO Latest Firmware V1.5.8 Details and Flight Test

Quick overview of the details of the new firmware v1.5.8 and a flight test.

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28 Replies to “Autel EVO Latest Firmware V1.5.8 Details and Flight Test”

  1. Jason Fanton

    Just upgraded my evo and the app to this version 2 weeks ago and haven't had the video resolution and frame rate changing issues (could be the version of android or ios you're using). The ddr is the video ram your camera uses to preprocess the images or video before it's stored on the sd card.

  2. NoOneSpecific

    I live in the mts, it’s why I bought an Evo, the altitude restriction on dji was too restrictive. Now the Evo is restricted to the same 1640 ft altitude, I assume it was in that firmware update or an app update. It’s b.s. , I never flew more than 150 to 200 AGL , but the Evo would ascend most mts around me. Now it’s like a dji p.o.s.

  3. William Horsley

    It could be my perspective but it looks like you have antennas in the wrong position. I believe that the antennas need to be perpendicular to quadcopter. It looks like you have them in a lower position looks like top of antenna is pointing somewhat downward. The signal would probably be better with antennas pointing up. Even better do the antenna mod. Raptor extreme is the name of antenna booster. Works better at penetrating trees and wifi bubbles

  4. Drone Upp

    I did the update and now I don’t have collision avoidance on the app! What the hell!!! Called Autel and they said it’s a glitch in the app but I think I see it working on your phone. This really sucks! The guy you see in the Autel tutorials emailed me back but still, I have no resolve to this issue and I want to revert back to an older firmware but don’t know how. If you have any suggestions, please share. Thanks!

  5. R. A.

    Glad it's not just me who has that problem switching video size, fps, etc. I just got my Evo yesterday, and it does the exact same thing. I exit then restart the app. I feel better now. Hope they find a fix for this minor inconvenience. Great drone!

  6. blueknight

    I plan on buying this drone and the way I see it is, if the drone isn't giving you any problems with the version that's already installed, no need to update unless it gives new features that you'll use.

  7. William Horsley

    You might need to go to 350ft to 400ft FAA max but at that altitude you should have better range. I'm typing as I'm watching so you are flying with antenna position perpendicular to quadcopter not splayed out with tips pointing at ground, although you have them positioned correctly I've found better range with them positioned upward slightly splayed. Some people will disagree but in my experience the signal is better. I'm waiting on signal booster's for my Hubsan zino pro but I see no reason why it won't work on Autel evo with minor alteration of antenna holes on booster

  8. Gabe M

    You definitely have a tilt issue, I can see it tilt as you fly, especially when you yaw at 10:19, and at 11:00 your horizon starts tilting. I have heard that some batches have problems, luckily mine did not. I am sorry you do not get the range, you might want to set your video settings to smooth and to 5mhz bandwidth, you will get warnings but you can go pretty far without loose feed. I have gone out 3 miles and in urban almost 2 miles.You might want to hit up Autel about the tilt, they have great suport.Have a nice day.

  9. therustyaxe

    It's the app. I've been in contact with Autel regarding the same problems. Eventually I spoke with an Engineer and he emailed me the previous version of Explorer (V1.0.1.45) apk. I reinstalled the app using this apk and everything works fine. The easiest way to work around the issue is to (example) change from 180p to 4K and nothing happens. Tap the Autel logo and go back to the main screen and then tap "camera" again. The setting you had selected will now be applied.

    That first time you lose connection! You here the sexy voice say "lost connection". Then you stare with desperation at your smart phone. 30 seconds and still NOTHING. Your heart drops and panic starts to ensue at about 45 seconds. At 1 minute you start to get the hot cold sweats. Then you regain connection and press pause. You go home and review that footage to see when you lost connection only to realize it only lasted about 25 seconds. Sure seemed a lot longer when it happened lol. I feel your pain at about 1600' out. My problem is everything and body has wifi. Were' talking tv, fridges, computers, ya know. Going near this large church ans shopping center really messes with the video transmission and loss of signal.

    My solution was installing the 4Hawks SR. Like you I don't see a point in going out to far. I purchased it for noise cancellation and penetration. I only have one flight with it and it seemed to work well. Today I will try again and see what results I achieve. This thing does seriously look beastly. The install videos and pics you see even on their website are only outdated because all the connectors are gold plated. The only con so far is it will not fit in my rugged bundle case or the normal case.

    Keep in mind that the 4Hawks Raptor SR is a Parabolic. It's fantastic for areas where everyone has wifi. It cancels out most of their noise. It also has to be pointed in the direction of the drone.

    I also purchased the 4Hawks Raptor OD. The omni directional rabbit ears. The work the same as the stock but with better performance I hear. I have not tried those as of yet. They are about twice the size of the stock antennas. Also because they use the sma connectors you you have to have already installed a 4Hawks Raptor. Why? because you really only need the SR in noisy environments. The 4Hawks OD makes more sense when going to fly where you don't have all this interference. Not to mention I can fit everything in one case.

    Back to the app real quick. I hope they fix it because we need it for the EVO 2. Hope tapping on the logo trick works for ya. Thanks for the vid.

  10. coolbeans 2016

    Check freq's right around you… people quite frequently use items that violate FCC standards & cause havoc.
    If someone near you has CB (even ham) with sideband implementing a linear for extra signal strength that could be your lack of signal strength right there!

  11. Sausen Imports

    Yes this same version that appears for me to download Autel EVO V1.5.8, even though I have done it in 2 possible ways, online and by the memory card. Always appears again asking to update. I don't know if it's an application bug.

  12. Tomaso

    I am envious of all your space. Nothing but pastures and more pastures. Of course I can fly at the beach when we are able to go back outside. Evo's are great drones, I have flown mine 3 1/2 miles out no problem except for having to change my shorts due to being nervous. Haha
    Good review. Yes, I like the new Explorer App. More intuitive for sure. Easier for 1st time dudes and dudettes.

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