AUTEL EVO – Has it Improved? 6 Months Later

Well it is almost 6 months now since the Autel Evo was released. There have been improvements made and the EVO is shaping up to be a really good drone. All video shot with the EVO is straight from the camera… Autel even seems to have fixed the EVO white balance issue.

Don’t have an EVO, well you can get one on AMAZON:
– 3 Batteries & a soft case with EVO – $1009:
– 2 Batteries & a Hard case with EVO – $1250:
– 5 Batteries & a soft case with EVO – $1179:

For Canada, you can find it at Walmart:

Watch my video of drones following me up a hill:


STUDIO LIGHTING: Studio Softbox:

49 Replies to “AUTEL EVO – Has it Improved? 6 Months Later”

  1. deen channel

    Hi captain drone. I'm buying e520s 5g 1080p. For vlogging purpose. Is it okey? That all i can afford😔. By the way i'm watching your video everyday and hope someday i will afford professional drone.. Thanks for the awsome video😉

  2. Muzz Litebeer

    Well, I was just about to pull the trigger on a Mavic Air today, but as it is a public holiday, the store was closed. So that gave me a window to do some extra research. Now, because of you, I’m no longer buying the Mavic.

    I just ordered the Evo…

    Our local airport was about to open a new runway before corona happened, and our property is right under the new flight path. So, another bonus over the DJI… – no geofencing.

  3. AutomaticBanana

    Just got my first drone ever and the Evo is great! Your videos made it easy on my buy, got lucky and got a great deal on the Evo, came with a $100 gift card from Best Buy and they had a deal you also got the Evo go bundle free!

  4. IncrediKAD76

    I like the reviews that Captain Drone takes time to make. I have a small pet peeve regarding his choice of words and vocab. Kinda feels like he is speaking to a class of kindergartners. It's all good. Great vid!

  5. coolbeans 2016

    Your leaving out "LIVE DECK"… Autel's EVO can broadcast its vid feed to others you give access as well as social media like YouTube!!! And of course unlike DJI it won't dictate where you can fly, or not!!!

  6. Vincent Culletto

    I love watching your videos. Especially on this autel evo. Dec.19 2019. I just got one. But in one of your videos you stated it won't fly over a hill in follow mode. But this one does. And the rear sensor will stop the drone in one of the modes I forgot witch one. Bit ya now it will stop. Either way great videos love the information. I fully understand they keep putting out new firmware so trying to keep current is darn near impossible lol. But definitely I think you should revisit this drone one more time.

  7. Harvester76

    I bought a X star premium I loved it and the company's customer service. But after abandoning their customers that own the x star I'd never buy another drone from them. They left us with a bad last update and terrible batteries. I'm now going with the Mavic pro 2 and the mini.

  8. Caluquette

    Great review… I plan on making the Autel Evo my next drone. I really enjoy your drone reviews. You seen to go over the fine points and things I need to consider for purchase. Thank you so much and keep up the good work

  9. VCmovie1 Regio - 11

    Also watched this video. 😁😁😁 Very nice recordings despite the bad weather, brrrrrrr. Wait one more day and see what DJI is coming with. I'm trying to catch up on your videos but still have a lot to see. 😁😁😁 I wish you a nice day and keep them in the air my friend. 🖐🖐🖐🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱

  10. Vinh Ha

    Dear Captain Drone, honestly you had fly and test so many many drones, but if for the hobby, not professional , between Evo and DJI platinum … which one are you choose..??? … I looking for one good Drone in future, I need the advise from the professional … thank you Captain drone… thank you oh by the way, you had the right glove modification … lol lol… 1 finger get really cold… lol lol…

  11. david santos

    i gotta say you do the best reviews. all your videos are in depth, i idol you. wish i was able to be the hobbyist you are. Just wish these drones were a little more affordable, hopefully one day i can afford one of these. Thanks for all the information you provide from cheap affordable drones to the more professional versions. keep up the good work.

  12. Shane Barber.

    Much better improvements. Hopefully they will fix the hill issues. And despite the freezing rain,it did very well.
    And it's really fast.I would consider buying one.thanks so much sir and have fun👋👍😀

  13. JfiredUP

    Captain Drone, how are you Sir. ? Two questions 1) based off what you know, and were tossed between the EVO and the Mavic Air to purchase TODAY , which would it be ??
    2) Does the Autel Explorer App allow you to upload to Facebook, or created small videos in the App ??

    Thank You !

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