Autel EVO Full Review with Flight Test

7/21/18 update: New app and firmware released that fixes most issues. Way to go Autel for the prompt fixes!

Full Review of the new Autel Robotics EVO foldable drone that features 4 miles range and an excellent camera that can shoot up to 4k@60fps. In this review I mention issues I had previously with a crooked horizon while yawing on the beta firmware but in this review and in subsequent test flights since I’ve had zero issues so the one flight with a crooked horizon may have been some odd fluke.
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49 Replies to “Autel EVO Full Review with Flight Test”

  1. JP1970

    Just bought one of these–will be here this week…I have a DJI Spark and hate the geo fencing but love the drone. thanks for the video–subbed!

  2. CaptCrewSocks

    (((Update))) Thank you for the great videos, I just bought me an Evo Drone today and your video helped me make my final choice, I was so close to buying a DJI Mavic 2 Zoom and I’m glad I didn’t and without going into a list of reasons the easiest choice was remote has a built in video screen and my kit has four batteries and was $400 cheaper.

  3. allen schmitz

    lOL' FLYING in 3x zoom mode will give you VERTIGO..the zoom mode on this is awsome, my 3 batterys for this seem to be over just when Im thinking up new stunts to try..if you git a atti mode on your controller ask autel about it..mine seems to have gone away now but thats some thing you dont want on this evo soft ware..I think its not supposed to be there…

  4. allen schmitz

    Those a-b way point buttons were freaking me out cause I kept hitting them..but hey, it did no harm,,my first flight was smooth as silk, to bad I forgot to format the sd card…dude this drone is the cats meow..glad I was never a DJI fan boy…there living in the DARK AGES of money pits.

  5. redjack56

    Great review ! Although I'm still thinking about getting an EVO the size keeps me from pulling the trigger. My dream drone would be something sized between the Mavic Air and the Spark but made by Autel. I just love the sizing and form factor of these drones, they have a more stealthy balance. Now if Autel could pull this off I think they would have a big winner on their hands. 👽


    Yes, the video was kinda long (I ate a burger and dranked a beer while watching! LoL) but very comprehensive review brother and very thorough. Thanks for doing this review, as you know already, I'm considering buying one of these. (since Autel doesn't give away their products to small time reviewers, otherwise, I would have had one by now!!! hahaha!) The Dynamic Tracking is the best I've seen. Not even sure if you noticed that "you were perfectly centered" in frame as the bird tracked you… WOW!

    BTW, I had to send my XSP back to factory right after posting that last video. I decided to finally upgrade the firmware, portions of the upgrade failed, over & over again… I called them and they quickly arranged for me to ship it back so they can fix it, ALL FOR FREE!!! "I love Autel for their 5 STAR customer service. I didn't see any gimbal issues in your flight test of the EVO, so, I'm looking deep into my budget to get this bad boy! POW!!! -djsoulforce!

  7. Eph Tea

    Pointing your antennas out like that will give you the weakest signal. The signal radiates from the side, not from the tips. Imagine if you stuck the antenna through the hole of a doughnut. You'd want the meaty parts of the doughnut facing the drone, not the holes. Someone from autel actually recommended pointing them down instead since the phone cradle sits above. That way the tips are pointing more towards the ground, and the antennas sides are facing towards the drone.

  8. theone2be33

    Speaking of horizon tilt, you would be able to answer this cause you also have the Xsp. The Xsp has the option in the app to correct horizon tilt +/-. Doesn't the Evo have that capability in the app? I would really like to know this answer. Thanx

  9. theone2be33

    I enjoyed your review. Very well done. I have the Xsp. So i wonder if you we're going 20mph toward a building if it would stop before crashing into it? I wonder if Active Track would work from 400ft up? Would be cool if you Active Tracked a duck on a pond and then it folllowed it flying away. That would be great footage. Or a deer.

  10. Emerslam

    The horizon tilt issue is a deal breaker for me. I have tried to use it a couple of times when working for clients and each time they have refused the accept the footage because of the tilt issue. I called Autel about getting the beta firmware and they refused saying is the a "closed" beta firmware. I will wait a couple of more days and then return it to Best Buy for a refund. This drone will be eclipsed when the Mavic Pro 2 is released. What a shame.


    Great overview and flight test of the Autel EVO Ryan, that dynamic track coupled with the 4k camera footage works flawlessly and very smooth, I couldn't see any horizon gimbal tilt on this test flight either. Very nice video of your latest purchase. Thanks for sharing and look forward to more future videos on it. Thumbs up 👍

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