Autel EVO Drone Review: 4K 60FPS, Ludicrous Mode, Great Dynamic Range. Finally a DJI competitor?

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49 Replies to “Autel EVO Drone Review: 4K 60FPS, Ludicrous Mode, Great Dynamic Range. Finally a DJI competitor?”

  1. Anthony

    Thanks for the video. I'm very late into the drone game, but from what I can see, DJI plays a great business game. Come out with hardware that's marginally better than the last. Release a bunch of versions and make money. The Evo is still a great drone now. I just got it after selling my Mavic Pro. Love that it's still better than most of the drones in its price range. They just came out with the EVO II. I think I'm around 3-4 years away from getting

  2. Jay King

    Thank you. I have been researching everywhere…. and we can find an article or review to support any product we want?!. Your professionally-heartfelt, authentic review was heard around the narrative. I'm looking to strengthen homeless outreach strategies and support, so we may find those in need before they fall. I see the applications for this drone to bring a humble Occam's Razor view-point and resource to humanitarian services in our island-state communities. Thank you for the review. A thermal perspective will result in a warmer approach to service.

  3. The Badboy Live

    Thank you for this video. I’m not sure if I want to wait for the Evo 2 or get this one. I just bought the Mavic 2 Pro about a week ago and it kept disconnecting from the controller. No matter what I tried to do, I could not get it to function correctly. Something you don’t expect from a drone that cost $1500. Of course, only paid 1000 for it brand new… But still.

    So I’m sending it back and debating whether or not I should get this drone or wait for the Evo to, which is supposed to be out by the end of this month. In which case, I would get the 6K camera version of it, which does 6K/30 and 4K/120 if I’m not mistaken.

    By the way, just so you know for your future videos it’s not one over 2/3 inch. It’s 1/2.3”

    Great video, you are a great host and you should do really well here on YouTube. Let me know if you ever need any original music for your videos and I can make something up for you. I have a fall, professional studio and can do any kind of music you want.

  4. TJ Parsons

    Great video, I'm assuming the 40 thumbs down are DJI fans. I have an Air and looking to upgrade the camera. Nowadays for me, camera quality is more important then drone quality. Former X-Star owner and Autel's camera quality is superior to DJI's.

  5. Drone Upp

    Great presentation of the Evo! I've watched this video before and just like you, I have sold my Mavic Air and will be picking up my Autel Evo this week!  I was close to getting the M2P but by the time I pay for that Smart Controller and more batteries, I am in the 2K range!  Crazy!  I have a wife that would flip I paid that money for what she sees as a "toy"!  Yes, I married a tough one!  Keep flying and I will be in flight in just a few days!

  6. Nick W 2016

    The sensor size is not 1/2 3rds (1/(2/3) — if it were, it would be larger than a 1" sensor — 1 over 2/3rds is appx 1.51" -The Evo uses a common sensor size of 1/2.3" (same as numerous Sony, Panasonic camcorder sensors) – it is 1 divided by 2.3 — which is technically slightly smaller than a half inch sensor — you are not reading the 2.3 correctly — it is 2.3 not 2/3. So if it were 1 over 2 it would obviously be a 1/2' sensor. But it is actually slightly smaller since it is 1 over 2.3" … Common elementary division — 1 over a fraction less than 1 would always equal a value greater than 1


    I love your video. Excellent details and exactly what i try to ask. Just one thing, you did not mention this drone doesn't need to calibrate like other drone. And of course, i do love the orange color of this drone. Not like other DJI Mavic drone, It comes only one color. That's a big mistake. Honestly, i do like The Mavic Pro but i hate the color look almost the same like other kind of DJI Mavic.

  8. Mountainsky Aerial Photography

    For me, it would be that there is NO flight restrictions and deemed by DJI. They have overstepped their bounds., DJI has become very arrogant and their manditory GEO Fencing is very restrictive. I'm a 107 certified pilot, but I don't need a Chinese company telling me where I can fly and where I can't. I am responsible to do that on my own.

  9. noedimas

    Great review man. I literally bought it a couple days ago and got a pretty good deal on it, I used 10% off from best buy which I got for my birthday as well as they had a deal where you get 100 dollar gift card as well as the on the go bundle all of that for 899

  10. rocheuro

    all great, specs, size, distance, battery, quality… and footage looks very sharp and colors are accurate indeed, but why I see some scenes with overexposed skies ? is it normal ? how many Mbits does it record? cheers

  11. mike tipton

    So many DJI fanboys love top trash the Evo. I liek DJI, I like my Typhoon H, I like my Anafi, but for the price the EVO just sits way above any others. The Evo camera is only being compared with P4P and M2P in most clips. M1P isn't even in the discussion. I love the NFZ, and quick start of the app, drone and rc. I had the M2P and Evo in a shoot we were doing downtown. I had to get permission to fly a simple flight not even 200' in the air with the M2P. Took about 30 min. The Evo said I was in a warning zone, and to be cautious. That was it.. we did the entire job with the Evo. Observing no choppers or other Aircraft out of a lakefront airport 3 miles away the Evo was into action really fast. Our clients wanted shots at 300' which was no problem. They say you need the right tool for every job. In this case and many like it around urban areas or within problematic NFZ's, we can get our shots, get out and make our clients happy. Some of our jobs are onsite and they want to view in real time. Evo is perfect for that. Best inspection drone out there is the Anafi. So, yeah DJI fanboys need to realize there is life beyond DJI. As pilots we have to fly within the rules… many don't and I get that, but many many DJI people I know modded the NFZ stuff out of their MP and are awaiting the mods for M2P. There is talk that Evo firmware will be changed to only permit 100' altitudes when within 1 mi of an airport runway. That's plenty enough to provide other aircraft safety zones.

    Cool review!!

  12. John Hackney

    If I were in the market for a folding drone, I would certainly consider this.  I am a photographer, and a Phantom guy, but I am happy to see some real competition in the marketplace.

  13. John s

    Autel evo is a beginner's drone the mavic 2 is the way to go DJI is the king of drone technology and you're wrong the mavic 2 has better range nothing beats ocusync 2

  14. John s

    Not even close to DJI mavic 2 zoom not even in the same ballpark it might be better than the mavic air and the only reason is the mavic air uses Wi-Fi garbage DJI technology is top-notch

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