Audi e-Tron vs Jaguar i-Pace – There's A Clear Winner!

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22 Replies to “Audi e-Tron vs Jaguar i-Pace – There's A Clear Winner!”

  1. S M

    Why the hell Jaguar I-Pace performing below par compared to Audi E-tron even though it is a much superior car in every segment compared to Audi…is it just because of manufacturing capabilities or lagging tech or battery constraints? I seriously don't understand how is Jaguar I-Pace lagging behind Audi (Model 3 understood, but Audi?). Either the dealership or the marketing isn't good enough. Something is not correct.

  2. Chris P

    I lease my car through my company and, value wise, Audi won hands down. Audi gave me a deal over £200 a month less than Jag gave me, plus free maintenance for the duration of the lease and a free home charging point fully installed so Audi won for me. At the same cost I’d have gone for the Jag but it wasn’t even close. Time will tell whether I regret the decision I suppose.

  3. Reony Tonneyck

    For those complaining about the lagging infotainment system in the Jaguar, they've pushed out updates recently that improves the performance. Plus most of the time you'll be in Android Auto or Apple Carplay.

  4. Just You

    Using Jaguar brand for 18+ years and this is my horrible review with the I-PACE.
    I've had a horrible experience with Jaguar's I-Pace. I had the vehicle for a year, and have only been able to drive it for approximately 2k miles. It has had issues with battery, software malfunction, charging system, and even when you would try to start the car it would make noises. Its a shame that Jaguar has tainted its brand with such a problematic car.
    If you want to be walking to places instead of driving, BUY a Jaguar I-PACE.

  5. kardy12

    I would actually disagree on the range, because particularly when it comes to longer journeys a faster charging speed is far more important than having an extra 25 miles of range. And there the e-tron is capable of charging faster on rapid chargers than most other EVs as it’s capable of taking 150kW or faster speeds. The I-pace is only rated for 100kW, and Bjørn Nyland struggled to get over 84kW in real world tests. That makes a huge difference on a long journey for rapid charging times.

    So if the ability to do longer journeys is important I would take the e-tron any day, even though otherwise I’d probably prefer the i-pace.

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