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Audi e-tron review:
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The e-tron is Audi’s first pure electric car, with rivals including the Tesla Model X, Jaguar I-Pace and the Mercedes EQC. But can it match other electric SUVs on driving range, performance, build quality and practicality? Ginny Buckley puts the Audi e-tron to the test and delivers the Carbuyer verdict.

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25 Replies to “Audi e-tron SUV 2020 in-depth review – Carbuyer”

  1. Romain Sandt

    great video BUT… the music has been used in at least 10 videos of car reviews from different channels… AND using 10 times the intro/outro of the song is quickly annoying !

  2. Volt Lover

    You don't store charging cables in the car. They're at home, in the garage, connected to an outlet. That front compartment is simply the place to put them when the car is delivered, not a place to "store" them.

  3. J R

    Funny how they are finally forced to make a normal looking EV after Tesla. If it weren't for Tesla, they would've tried to stall the growth of EV market by making ugly looking EVs. It's not like they couldn't make a normal looking EV, they didn't want to because the EV market growth means whole business model change for them. Very cheap. I can't buy one of these knowing how they played so cheap is the past.

  4. Kyle'sEdits

    The charging cable should be attached to the vehicles charging port, and be wound up inside the car. When you want to charge, you should be able to park near an outlet, open the little charge port door on the car, grab the end of the charging cable, and pull the cable out towards the outlet having it unwind seemingly from the car. This was the best feasible solution I could think of.

  5. N4TUR3

    If you want to risk your life with Audi, please go ahead and buy the car. Audi just recalled all their cars for faulty batteries and the question remains will they fix their faulty components or take cheap shortcuts. Audi also isn't the fastest charging ev, Tesla just retook that title a few days ago. Don't buy a first gen electric Audi, this is just a test vehicle, they can do better.

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