AUDI e-tron SUV (2019) Features, Interior, Driving

The Audi e-tron is the first fully electrically powered series production model from Audi. The company presented its sporty full-size SUV – which is suitable for everyday use – to the world for the first time in San Francisco.

The electric SUV is powered by two powerful electric motors that are locally CO2-neutral and virtually silent. A new generation of the quattro drive, the electric all-wheel drive, ensures excellent traction and dynamics. It ensures the continuous and variable regulation of the ideal distribution of drive torques between the two axles – within a fraction of a second.

The Audi e-tron rolls off the assembly line at the CO2-neutral plant in Brussels. Initial deliveries to European customers are planned for late 2018. The starting price of the electric SUV in Germany is 79,900 euros.

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30 Replies to “AUDI e-tron SUV (2019) Features, Interior, Driving”

  1. GHN1013

    Drove this car today as a loaner while my Audi was in the shop. Absolutely love this car. The fit, trim, speed, quietness at high speeds, amenities (massaging driver AND passenger seats). The only thing which sucks is the 190 mile range. But they are coming out with a newer eTron Sportsback with longer range.

  2. ventende

    E-cars are still pretty useless. Battery technology is still not good enough for anything more than short commute. The range gets significantly reduced when driving upwards, when its cold, when you use the heater, lights, stereo etc etc. It's just not feasible yet. But they need to convince people to buy these premature "demo products" of course in order to finance better and greater stuff further down the road. So hope lots of people buy'em. I'm not one of them.

  3. Hy Vong

    I looked at this Audi driver on my right at a red stop, she was driving with her hair standing up due to electro-static effect, her baldy husband looked alright at the time.

  4. hagakuru

    Bloody hell – it's 2019 and they couldn't figure out how to replace that annoying as hell start-up chime with something else. It's been the same crap for the past 30 years. Sample some wind-instrument or something innovative and replace that. Ridiculous.

  5. Tine Albreht

    4 years R&D and nobody want tell to the "customer" that SUV cannot be ECO. The camera instead mirror to decrease air resistance on SUV and 235 tires, come on! ECO (electric) car should be light and aerodynamic. SUV is just something you really don't need – temporary fashion. 98% of us just need normal (electric) car.

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