Audi E-Tron Review |

Sinead McCann reviews the 2019 Audi E-Tron for

The Audi E-Tron is Germany’s long awaited answer to the Jaguar I-PACE and Tesla Model X as a spacious and practical electric vehicle designed to cope with family life. But how does it measure up against those rivals?

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Presented by Sinead McCann @smcani / Instagram: WhatSheDrives

Camerawork and production by Tim Shearwood

31 Replies to “Audi E-Tron Review |”

  1. A P

    Have these car manufacturers gone mad? In what fantasy world is it okay to charge EUR 100k for an electric Audi family SUV? Don’t think we’ll be seeing too many of these on the roads anytime soon.

  2. Doug's Cars

    Great video! I still believe that Tesla will have the edge until someone can compete with their charging platform. Having that available all over negates the issues other electric vehicles have.

  3. John Page

    I recently tried out an eTron. Nothing prepared me for the size of the car. It is ENORMOUS. It feels like a Q7. Together with the price, this is a car that maybe hotels would use a courtesy car. If you are looking for something quick and nimble, this is not for you.

  4. Lüvv Sürya

    After the diesel gate scandal, where Audi was the primary perpetrator in designing that cheat device, I really never wanted to invest my money in the entire VW group. But it looks like with e-Tron, Audi is trying to atone for what it had done to damage the environment. Still, an asking $100,000+ for its new technology isn’t justified and doesn’t look like they are ready for atonement.

  5. Joe Lyons

    Think you hit the nail on the head wit the assessment "the shout it brigade" and the normal un-chav people. I think this is one car that will see have Irish people taken to EV or is it still a few years down the road, at €100k it aint cheap but build quality and brand are big factors here in peoples decision making so yup looks like a serious challenge to the other EV-SUV's

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