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Audi is the latest manufacturer to launch an electric SUV, with this, the Audi e-tron.

It goes up against the likes of the Jaguar I-Pace, Mercedes-Benz EQC and Tesla Model X, by being a large and expensive big electric SUV/crossover/4×4.

At more than £70,000 in the UK this is a proper executive car proposition, and at nearly 2.5 tonnes it’s clearly a substantial car.

Partly that’s because of the weight of its 95kWh battery pack, which can be fast charged at up to 150kW, which means you can, with the right output, get 80% of charge into it in 30 minutes – though home charging, obviously, will take rather longer.

Just how good, though, is Audi’s e-tron? Join us as we discover what it’s like inside and on the road.

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33 Replies to “Audi e-tron review | Audi's electric SUV driven | Autocar”

  1. Gary Barnes

    I'm sorry but that was a rubbish review. Hardly a review at all. More importantly – which is better, the Audi or the Jaguar? Autocar back in the day was the place to go for car reviews. Now there is no point at all.

  2. cleanhit777

    I struggle to see the relevance of these cars, 200 mile range between 13 hour charges, going like a bat out of hell with every conceivable luxury, why? This is just saying you can have your cake and eat it, clearly we can't. If electric is to make a difference it has to be for the masses not the elite.

  3. Lemmy D

    seriously, that was nearly worthless, not the first time in the last months that i think there's no pep, no more than already known facts, and the videos get shorter and shorter. 
    Please bring back your mojo!!
    cheers from Vienna

  4. Spac8

    Slower, uglier, 357kg heavier and more expensive than an I Pace. Based on an adapted existing platform and can't match the aerodynamics of its competitors without using cameras for mirrors. If it wasn't Audi bringing it out people would be slating it. And if the tables were turned and it was Jag releasing an electric car adapted from an existing platform that was more expensive and had less advertised range than it's competition, people would be ripping Jag to shreds about not being up to the minute and being two steps behind everyone else. But because Audi have a huge following and are perceived as aspirational cars, it's fine and everyone wants one. People are weird. ?

  5. Summer Tyme

    I don't want to hear again about the percentage of charge, In a given amount of time.

    I want to know miles or KM per minute.
    And I want to know range.E-trons EPA range is 205 miles. 30 percent less than comparable Tesla's.

  6. flacjacket

    The CTR is a poor comparison benchmark for 0-60. It is heavily gimped in that metric by it's FWD, but by drawing the comparison you suggest that this vehicle is comparably quick which it certainly won't be. Stock for stock a Civic Type R will pull slightly on a Golf R from a roll even though the R (with the 6MT) will do 0-60 in 4.8 vs the Type R's 5.7. On a roll the Type R would walk this thing by a wide margin despite their similar 0-60 times.

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