Audi e-tron making of – documentary on the electric SUV’s development and production

Take a look behind the scenes of the #Audi #etron: this documentary follows the #development and #testing of the #electric #car. Its #engineers and concepters talk about their work.

Check out how the Audi e-tron prototype performed in a recuperation test:

Read more about the special camouflage design of the Audi e-tron prototype:

Stay tuned for news from the Audi Universe:
Audi MediaCenter:
Fuel consumption Audi e-tron: Combined electric power consumption in l/100 km: 26.2 – 22.5 (WLTP); Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 0. Figures on the electric power consumption and the CO2-emissions vary in case of given ranges depending on the used combination of wheels/tires. //

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  1. John Smith

    We're hardcore Toyota/Lexus and never thought about ever purchasing a German vehicle, let alone an Audi. We found this EV out by accident 2 weeks ago and I'm so glad my wife bought it. It's amazing on snow and ice over here in Central Texas during our snow storm/freeze, blew my mind, it's like driving on asphalt. I am positive these Continental SportCross XL also play a good part of the dry/wet/ice/ and snow grip. The interior is very good, finally got rid of the laptop screen above the vent and has more touch interface. This car can easily obsolete all my purpose built vehicles (all in one vehicle, E-Tron).

    Wish it had the dual motors in the rear for Torque Vectoring though. 🙁

  2. Little Melon

    After viewing this documentary. I ordered a blue color E-Tron. We have so many choices here in China. I rather pay a premium price for my family's safety and comfort. Audi is not only just a brand name but also expertise and culture. This E tron is my third AUDI and 5th from VW. lol

  3. istt

    I'm reading all these pro-Tesla posts. I drove a Tesla and it was like driving a Lego toy compared to the e tron. The Tesla was whistling in the cab at 70mph. By comparison, the e tron was completely quiet. It's why I purchased an e tron after test driving all the EVs.

  4. Jan Kubli

    Was bedeutet Etron auf Französisch? …………… Etron = Kot, Scheiße. Wie will Audi eine ganze Reihe von Elektroautos auf dem französischen und französischsprachigen Markt bewerben, bewerben und verkaufen?

  5. S Sing

    people watching the video only to bash it….. OK then.. I hate Ferrari ( watching Ferrari )

    I pre ordered one, pre ordered the Rivian also.. I will not buy a Tesla yet because they have cheap insides. Sat in one and said yep, that ain't worth 90k. The model 3 looks great outside, but it's cheap inside too. I would have paid for a quality interior from Tesla but you can't. The model 3 is the only attractive car they have produced in my eyes. the X looks like an egg.

    I might be interested in the roadster if they are still alive by then, and I have had a chance to sit inside. I am not going to give a bankrupt company 250k…

    the thing is who cares a the end of the day. Buy what you like then move on. No need to hate on companies where they goal is to move tot he next gen technology. I have an apple phone, but you don't hear me complaining all day about Android

  6. Ty H

    Awful promotional video in the guise of a documentary. They act like the car is somehow revolutionary when it’s just following in the path blazed by others. Regen has been anound for some time and employed by multiple auto manufacturers. The batteries are status quo with existing tech, and the whole architecture is significantly less efficient than Tesla. Audi is planning to release an already dated vehicle and acting like they changed the world.

  7. Aaron Cohen

    I like how they pretend no one has ever done regenerative breaking before. "I love to glide! jajaja it's so fun to glide! It's not like my company conspired to suppress this technology for 20 years! Jajajaja! Our CEO is in jail for emissions fraud! Jajajaja!"

  8. Peter Undo

    what's up? only a few words by design chief lichte? senior interieur designer van tuijl with no explantory words for us listeners? seems there is no proud of the so called audi design competence.

  9. Nikola Stojanovic

    All they do is necesery to achieve good, reliable car, who will last many years just with regular maintance. We all love Tesla car, i am in love with model S, but it's not car with wich i would go in long trip without worry about malfunction. They are start serial production too fast, now all Tesla drivers are beta testers.

  10. Anthony C Brown

    Thank you Audi for illustrating why Tesla engineering while interesting has numerous shortcomings. The quality assurance techniques illustrated throughout the video are illustrative as to why Tesla will have profitability problems. The root cause of the higher than normal quality assurance issues and service / repair costs at Tesla can be traced to their need to rush cars to market and the limits of their automotive expertise in engineering and quality assurance.

  11. Justus

    All these Americans here in the comment section trying to protect the only car company they can be proud of. As usual, Germany will soon overrun Tesla

  12. AB N

    They make it sound so special like they invented something new… still I see a regular Audi with technique that other brands already implemented.

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