Audi e-tron FULL REVIEW etron EV road driving range vs offroad vs recuperation comparison

In today’s Autogefühl’s episode, we present you the full driving review of the series production model of the Audi e-tron. As always we cover exterior, interior, engines and driving experience. We show you road driving, a real electric range test, some offroad and a recuperation test.

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35 Replies to “Audi e-tron FULL REVIEW etron EV road driving range vs offroad vs recuperation comparison”

  1. Eric De Preter

    Quite agree with you, these camera-mirrors are not practical to say the least. As far as the range of the e-tron is concerned (+ 300km) I wonder what the range would be if you have this car for example in a scandinavian country in winter … I personally would choose the A7 2.0 55tsi e quattro s tronic with normal mirrors and some options (f.e. a built in Stinger, if they control speed limits from a chopper …) Thank you once again for a splendid video !

  2. Benjamin Smith

    Fine automobile. Maybe there was a quality lapse on the trim that came up from the top of the dash? I don't know about the rear view mirrors. It's something different. Interior is modern and looks like the next step in Audi interior design. Still a bit bland exterior but it is improving, in my opinion. Style is subjective. Others will love it and they'll be right.

  3. ProteanView

    I don't get it. Q5, Q8 & E-Tron – I mean, aside from one being electric, the difference in these vehicles isn't substantial enough. How many monotonous vehicles can Audi churn out? The back seat seems to be the size of an A4. Like an electric A4 hatchback. The interiors are so extreme. Too many sharp lines. Very "Car of the Future" from a 1980s Hollywood movie. It doesn't look bad, it's just that Audi seems to live in a bubble hiked up hatchbacks and overly-futuristic interiors. How many (barely) different size of SUVs do they need? I just don't get what they're doing.

  4. PrimiusLovin

    If Tesla went a bit too far with their minimalist approach of the dash in the Model 3, Audi went in the opposite direction, the e-tron dash seems a bit overworked with so many lines, edges, levels and screens!

  5. Weslei Damas

    porque nao e testado aqui comigo um carro delste pra ver como funciona onde o pai como o brasil e enorme traz pra min q faço videos auqi e trabalho com imagens esportivas ai sim do o q raalmente o audi e

  6. Jan Kubli

    Was bedeutet Etron auf Französisch? …………… Etron = Kot, Scheiße. Wie will Audi eine ganze Reihe von Elektroautos auf dem französischen und französischsprachigen Markt bewerben, bewerben und verkaufen?
    What does etron mean in French? …………… étron = feces, shit. How does Audi intend to advertise, promote and sell a whole range of electric cars on the French and French-speaking markets?

  7. Carlovfx

    This vehicle is so environment friendly that costs like a mid size war tank, so to pay for it you need to win a couple of oil wars, sell the oil that someone else is gonna burn and then buy the car.

  8. Brian Anthony

    Motor journalist are a pain for other motorists behind them. They must wonder what the hell is going on as the car in front speeds up and slows down. Do you have a warning sign on the back saying "Motor Journalist, may alter speed without warning"

  9. robbie50302

    Nice review. I like the idea of electric vehicles but the idea of waiting 35 minutes to a full charge from half charge doesn't inspire me, also I'm just not sure about the real capacity and longevity of the batteries in these early models before I jump in. In the meantime, I bought a FE Volvo XC40 RD D4 Diesel while I wait, I guess I'm just risk adverse.

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