Audi E-Tron first drive | Luxury electric car from Germany

Audi has just launched the E-Tron in Ireland and I managed to get a spin so here’s my first drive. There’s more to come later in the year so be sure to subscribe

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44 Replies to “Audi E-Tron first drive | Luxury electric car from Germany”

  1. jaro essa

    400 mile range? NOPE! 5-10 minute full-recharge time? NOPE!! Under $25k in price? NOPE!!! – There will be NO EV revolution until the "Trio of Troubles" are addressed. ICE vehicles will remain quite, quite popular for another 15-20 years. EV's just aren't "there" yet.

  2. peter koblovsky

    Stupid EV cars…WE COULD USE lpg or cng or hydrocell and then just put a hybrid system on it…look what is happening in Norway? Colaps of EV cars…the UK grid isn't ready for such a massive EV use!!
    I had lpg in old piece of shit car and i was driving it every day in hot summer or very cold winter( Czech republic) and it always worked…almost half price and much less emitions…same for CNG which is even better…
    But EV just being pushed to buy without a proper infastructure! But the SHEEP will follow they always do???

  3. 2ndjim

    Bob, there are reports already of a recall because of a possibility that the batteries can go on fire if they get wet. Better not cross any high streams while off roading in that tank Bob.

  4. Paul Browne

    ALL will be depreciation black holes except for BEV's. DO NOT buy a petrol of diesel, especially diesel, if you don't like massive loss of value in your car. Its happening in the UK and US. Ireland is a couple of years behind but it will happen in Ireland too.

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