Audi e-tron Artificial Engine Sound!! (Sounds like a Spaceship?)

I found this very interesting! Sound Clips start at 1:15 . A quick video providing some sound clips of the all new 2019 Audi e-tron SUV artificial low speed sound when in either Drive or Reverse. How do you feel about the sound????

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46 Replies to “Audi e-tron Artificial Engine Sound!! (Sounds like a Spaceship?)”

  1. Volker Ehrle

    Is it possible to buy this sound generator? I'm looking for this sound for my Zero Motorbike. Is it possible to build this generator in my bike? I like the sound like out of the film Tron.

  2. Melos Bunjaku

    It's kind of interesting that perhaps soon in the future they'll hire sound effects specialists just to get their own unique sound, and with that perhaps each company will have a specific artist that will solely identify with that company.

  3. emX

    I love it… half of the "experience" of fun driving is the sound.. And all of our senses… Sound, smell.. all of it.. The sound of the car is Extremely Important.. Was not interested in E-cars at all until now.. I can only imagine Ferrari's first electric car.. The sound better be extremely cool..

  4. SketchRC

    These things sound SO COOL. I’m a college student but FOR SOME REASON I live with neighbors with nice cars (Mustangs, Camaros, an E 63S, and an Aston Martin Virage), so i’m no stranger to cool sounding cars. That said, when an e tron rolled through my apartment complex, it sounded so good I had to get out of my car and listen to it. Just an unbelievably cool sound, especially in person because you can hear the low frequency noises that make this thing sound like something from science fiction movies.

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