Audi e-tron 50 Sportback Geilo test

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25 Replies to “Audi e-tron 50 Sportback Geilo test”

  1. Geass Sogeki

    Bjørn one question; the Geilo test is basically mountain test!?
    Here in Colombia we have A LOT of mountainous topography, also LOTS of steep inclines unfortunately I analyzed that Colombia is pretty much like Thailand, a lot of mountains and pretty few fast chargers (almost all 50kw with Chademo and Chinese protocol) also I have yet to see the first 100+kw charger and CCS.

  2. F C

    Audi executives: let’s come up with a naming scheme that everyone can figure out.

    Other Audi executive: better idea, let’s come up with a naming scheme NOBODY understands.

    Collective Audi Executives: THATS IT! Option #2!

  3. Karl Joda

    23kW ? OMG ? And you where turtling around. – sorry 🤔 Can you find out how many Cobalt is in the batteries used in Audi ? I am a ModX100d driver. We have 130km/h Speed limit in Austria and I am on 209Wh at an an average.But I am doing quite a lot of excellaration sessions. 😂 I was with a e-tron on the same road they gave up. Couldn't follow.😉Charging time of mymodX is around 35 Min to reach 405 km .The precondition is a kind of bummer. TESLA is still ahead .. Aude do not make a Dime on any e-Tron…

  4. Jose Cabral

    Thanks again for your sharing. Lovely landscapes.
    Did I saw well, 24Kwh at 100Km consumption? It's a little high.
    I saw the announcing price here in Portugal. 76K euro. It's udge. And does not come with all possible extras. For a good quality sound the owner have to add more 1300Euro. A long list of possible extras… Until the air inside the car is an extra 😁

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