ATOMIC PURPLE Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Mod DIY | Austin John Plays

Nintendo Switch Atomic Purple Mod for the Joy-Cons are AMAZING, but doing it isn’t the easiest thing…

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37 Replies to “ATOMIC PURPLE Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Mod DIY | Austin John Plays”

  1. Ashley M.

    Now that I saw this video, I WANT to do this, but with spare joy-cons. I JUST bought myself a Switch around 2 weeks ago and I'm a HUGE freak for purple things! I HAVE tinkered with replacing circle pads and a battery cover for a Nintendo 3DS and opening a dead DS lite to clean it but yeah. I'd rather do this with extra controllers in case I mess up. Seeing the agony you went through reminds me that stuff like this takes skill, practice and most of all, patience. I AM digging the look of them! SUPER BEAUTIFUL, @Austin John!

  2. Victor Rios

    i spent 22 bucks on my purple joy-con shells from bass-top on amazon, worked great, you can get the two screw drivers you need for like 8 bucks too. and dont be discouraged guys, it took me about an hour to do them and as long as you follow along a tutorial and be patient and organized you'll be fine. I remcomment doing it, i loved mine!

  3. Dana W

    I have a clear one. But this is why I did the back myself and farmed out doing the controller shells to a guy on Etsy who is a pro who did them for. $45. It took less than five days. Saved myself a lot of heartbreak.

  4. Andrew Gist

    Warranty stickers, seals, and other such techniques to see if a device has been opened are not legally enforceable in warranty voiding. they are scare tactics to prevent 90% of people from servicing their own products.

  5. Benjamin Blonigan

    They need to make changing the shell easier. Think of all the possibilities they could have if the shell didn't have any circuitry attached. You could unscrew the shell then add another one. Think of all the themes and colors they could do.

  6. Dean R English

    Really??? I thought it was incredibly easy to mod. Just did the same atomic purple joy-cons, minus the rainbow buttons and I got the one that adds the D-pad back. I didn’t do the back plate cause it’s pointless and looks stupid. BTW, you did not put the battery all the way in the first time, that’s why you had dock and charging issues. I did that as well my first time too.

  7. Elijah Reeds

    Why are you really against someone doing this? Its not like your replacing surface mount components or something. Yeah it voids your warranty but your just screwing stuff together.

  8. Dr.smoky420 999Army

    Gives me Christmas 1999 vibes opening up my 1st brand new Nintendo 64 after my original used one died my father got me for christmas the Pokemon stadium ,2 controller Kmart exclusive bundle 2nd controller was atomic purple and i was so embarrassed to invite friends over to play n64 until I got a girlfriend the summer of 2000 then I just claimed I got it for her was still brand new in the not for resale white box . then I would just say you can use Jessica's controller she leaves it here cause she doesn't own an n64. Lol now I'd totally love to have any name brand Nintendo 64 controller in great shape (even pink 🙁 lol )

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