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34 Replies to “ASSASSIN'S CREED ORIGINS Gameplay 4K PS4/Xbox One/PC”

  1. MilligraM Beatz

    Sick of all these big developers, all there worried about is how good the graphics and cut scenes look. Its amazing how they can take a great proven game, rip out every thing thats good, completely change it, and drive the game into the glossy dog shit pile its become. game play, and game mechanics seem to be a foreign word to these new developers. all we get are these overpriced, over budgeted, glossy, hold your hand, shallow, throw away games for children. The future is in the smaller independent studios.

  2. Derangedxzombie

    It's a shame, they've pumped so many AC games out with little to no innovation year or so (like COD) that it becomes quickly over saturated, and not many buy them at launch. This game could be decent, but I just track after I'd just finished AC 2 and about 3 more were released. Blink and now there's about 13 of the things.

  3. Chris D

    I have never liked or been a Assassins creed fan, i dont like being forced into playing stealth but can enjoy it at times, im a up close and personal face to face class player, tanks, melee dps. Origins changed my opinion on assassin creed, and besides the retarded level scaling system Odyssey has in it i love it like crazy and possibly more than Origins. Origins and Odyssey could possibly be the best games i have ever played since i started gaming in the early 80s

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