Arlo NOW works with HomeKit

Today Arlo announces that the Pro and Pro 2 are now compatible with Apple HomeKit. It’s expected that the Arlo Ultra will be compatible by the end of the year.

Arlo Pro –
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Arlo Pro 2 –
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Arlo Ultra –
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15 Replies to “Arlo NOW works with HomeKit”

  1. Ángel Jaimes

    Question? I just bought the new arlo ultra 2 but I’m having some issues trying to add the cameras to the Apple HomeKit….. do you know how to do it ? Please let me know…. thanks

  2. Dan Chou

    Oddly the instructions say to go to the arlo app, settings, base station and click HomeKit. But my app doesn’t have that button. I have the right firmware on the base station per the instructions. Anyone else having this problem?

  3. Mezstors

    Is there any way in homekit to use geofencing for two people to record when your away? (set a scene). I read aloth of geofencing problems when two people have the same application. Maybe the homekit made it better?

  4. Curtis Rathbun

    I had the Arlo2 was not impressed…would miss alot of people walking on my sidewalk…had issues with right to left motion… not turning camera on til almost out of camera pic…tons of false motion especially in the winter months when the sun was in the horizon in the mornings…sent them back and got refunded. Never again!

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