Aqara Smart Hub – Affordable Apple Homekit bridge?! [Xiaomify]

The Aqara hub just recently came out in the Xiaomi store (11.11.2018) and it now supports the Xiaomi Mi Home APP, Aqara Home APP and the Apple Home APP as well. Find the Aqara hub on GB here:

The Aqara hub is quite similar to the Xiaomi Mijia hub in both looks and functionality. It connects to your router over WiFi and allows for up to 30 connected child-devices that connect over Zigbee. Nothing much new here compared to the yet existing Gateways, however, the added Homekit functionality makes it very interesting for Apple users. This supports Siri control, which allows you to voice control the hub as well as inquire the status of any connected sensors. The best thing of using it with Siri is the control of smart sockets, smart lights, and controlling the curtain controller by voice is just amazing. You can also control all devices from the Home APP on MacOS (Mojave) which is quite convenient.

Although this is all great, there’s really not much added functionality for Android users. Aqara is planning to release EU and US versions of the hub, which will make this a lot more interesting for users outside of China by that time.

For those that can’t wait to get their hand on it, I am doing some videos on the installation and setting up automation rules in the days to come. Enjoy!

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20 Replies to “Aqara Smart Hub – Affordable Apple Homekit bridge?! [Xiaomify]”

  1. Mashá Ponce

    Hi do you know if the 1st generation mijia sockets work with the aqara gateway? or it only recognizes the 2nd gen mi socket (aqara zingbee version) ? if you could confirm it'd be great i have so many mijia 1st gen sockets i dont want to go waste if i get the aqara gateway instead of the mi gateway when i pair it with the wireless switch

  2. Peter Okorn

    Warning: Please point out that Aqara Smart Hub will only work with: 1. Mi Home app where chinese account (region) is selected, this is bad because you might have other Mi devices linked to your region, so it is a Catch22… 2. it will not work with Aqara App in EU, since it does not comply with GDPR, meaning it simply will not work. Still have to try the Apple Home app if it works there. There is an EU version of hub sold in Sweden, and no, you can not buy it outside of Sweden (only ships inside the country) and also EU version will cost 60€, where chinese version costs 20-ish

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