Aqara Smart Curtain Motor (Full Walkthrough) Zigbee)

Aqara Smart Curtain Motor on GearBest:
In this video I’m looking at Aqara’s, Zigbee enabled, Smart Curtain motor. This curtain motor needs to be paired with any of the Xiaomi or Aqara Gateways, allowing you to control your curtains over Wi-Fi.

The curtain motor is about 27cm X 7 CM and is meant to work with DT-82 curtain tracks. It can pull up to about 50 KG (+/- 110 Pounds) so it can handle pretty large curtains.

Once set up with the Xiaomi Mi Home APP (or the Aqara APP) you set up timers and automation rules. You can pair the curtain motor with all kinds of input sensors and switches allowing you to set up a switch to open and close your curtains. The timers allow you to set up predefined timeslots for your curtains to open and close.

I personally think that this curtain motor is really great, performs well, is very silent, and simply does what it should do. I don’t have very wide windows in my Shanghainese apartment, but I can easily install it once I move to a new place. By that time I’m pretty sure I will get even more of these, as they’re really cool!

I had these already installed for about 5 months, and I finally managed to get this video done! I hope you will enjoy it 🙂

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  1. Mr B

    Nice video thank you! 🙂 I have a question. Do you use 2 motors to close both sides at the same time? Or is this possible with just one motor?

  2. Julian U

    How can I add the aqara motor to my house? I'm in the US and the mi home app here doesn't show the motor. If I change the app to continental china then it appears. But sent me a message that I have to change the server to the region that I'm located

  3. maxslotov

    Very informative and good video, thanks!
    Just one question… What are those ports on the back, where you had to plug in? RJ11/RJ12?
    Because I would like to control it using own wires and controller.
    Much appreciated!

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