Apple TV on LG TV! (No hardware required and not screen sharing!)

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It’s exciting guys, you can now get the apple TV application not only on the Samsung TVs, but now on the OLED LG TVs! We show you how to acquire it, install it and we give it a go to watch our films and TV shows we have purchased!

Hope this is useful!

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26 Replies to “Apple TV on LG TV! (No hardware required and not screen sharing!)”

  1. Dane Moreno

    See I don’t see a need for the standalone decide anymore I don’t play games at most I will rent a movie on Apple TV through them which it can do as well and it saves you a hdmi port

  2. Amy Kate

    I hope you can help me. I want to be a tv (maybe this one) where I can screen mirror CBS live feeds from my MacBook Pro to the tv. Because the option to Rewind/Flashback Big Brother tv show on cbs live fees is only possible on my MacBook. I really want to be able to screen share/mirror/send what's on my MacBook to the tv. It's solely why I want a new tv (bc roku said it won't work for me to do this). I need a new tv anyway. Thank you for any help you can provide!

  3. Juan Seedy

    My 2018 LG Nano cell 55” TV it updated yesterday and today the Apple TV app has just appear & I clicked on it & it just updated so I got to learn how to use it with my Netflix, Amazon prime video & my NOW TV app, & after that see what else Apple TV is got to offer with the £5.99 monthly subscription hopefully something worth the subscription anyway cheers for your video peace ✌️

  4. Kristina Callaghan

    Maybe I’m a bit slow but on my Apple TV box I was able to add apps for my favorite stations that I watch such a Bravo or NBC. I do not see a way to add these apps when I am on the Apple TV app on the LG tv. Additionally I do not see an app for Bravo on the LG either. So it seems like I’m rather stuck using a the Apple TV box or did I miss something.

    If I have to use the Apple TV box which is a 2nd Generation, will I be able to use it on a 4K tv?

    Thank for the video!

  5. 多喝可乐多吃肉

    My TV is lg cx. When I connect to apple tv to watch a movie that supports Dolby Atmos, I exit from the movie and then watch a normal video, the sound will choppy, and the sound of the icon selected on the main interface of apple tv will also choppy, do you know what the problem is

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