Apple iPhone Xs Review: A (S)mall Step Up!

Everything you need to know about iPhone Xs and Xs Max!
iPhone Xs Max Unboxing:
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Phone provided by Apple for review.

48 Replies to “Apple iPhone Xs Review: A (S)mall Step Up!”

  1. Ahmed Sherif

    I currently have an iPhone 8 and want to switch to something with a better camera. should I go for the iPhone X or the XS? considering that I can still get the iPhone X where I live significantly cheaper.

  2. BAL

    Guys, seriously if you’re on a budget just get the iPhone 8+. I can assure you it’s just the same thing minus the home button lol

  3. Jake 3752

    I'm going to a XS from a 5S in around 3 weeks. The 5S was my first phone. Got it for my 13th birthday, 5 years and 2 months ago. I know it'll be a huge difference and a decent learning curve. I can imagine that I'll spend hours just trying to find all the things 3D touch can do, and I'll probably spend just as long just marvelling at the camera and screen upgrades.

    It's kinda funny. I'll be going from the first iPhone with a fingerprint scanner to the second one to have FaceID.

  4. Two Soxs

    Hey, im considering going back to iPhone as wife & kids in apple eco system, can share calendery, iTunes movies etc. But currently have pixel 2 XL. I notice you are still using Google assistant on your iPhone. Will the iPhone & Google home still co operate together considering you advised against apple Homepod?? For smartphone with iPhone, what would you suggest?

  5. Junayd A.A

    The weird thing is I say this thing is expensive and I say I can't afford it. But when it comes to s10+ I don't feel that way.. that thing is also a $1000 phone but i want to buy it soon. The reason might be that it's the image of apple.. that's why plus the s10+ is worth every buck for everything it gives you.. 3 cameras on the back 2 on the front. One of the best displays in the smartphone industry right now a headphone jack is a must for me and the software reverse wireless charging and wireless chsrging. Fast charger and good akg earbuds out of the box I mean so many features they just stuff their phones with tons and tons of features that make them so worth it. But with apple you pay for this and you pay for that if you want this you have to buy it etc etc.. idk.. I'm not saying iPhones aren't good. The new iPhones are amazing the software hardware all of it. But for me it's just not worth it in some way..

  6. Costco King

    I love that this guy is so soft spoken! His voice reminds me of a nice asian guy or a nice white guy with an asian girlfriend. But before he started talking I expected him to have a deep voice like 2pac!

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