Apple iPhone X Review: The Best Yet!

iPhone X is a $1000 animoji machine… But it’s also an excellent phone!
dbrand Grip:
That wallpaper:

That sweatshirt/hoodie:

Tesla Wrap/4K Camera Test:
iPhone X vs iPhone 8:
iPhone X Unboxing:

Verge iPhone clip:

Video Gear I use:

Intro Track:


25 Replies to “Apple iPhone X Review: The Best Yet!”

  1. nshadow888

    IPhone x from my using experience, it is totally crab. Oppo is much better, compare screen display colour, speed, connectivity with comouter, camera etc, iPhone X is no match.

  2. milk.y

    Wait, if they got rid of the home button how do you screenshot things?
    Edit: Also can you turn off face id because i really dont want that its sketchy.

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