Apple iPhone SE Disassembly Teardown Repair

Video on how to take apart the iPhone SE for any repairs.

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20 Replies to “Apple iPhone SE Disassembly Teardown Repair”

  1. burstmyballoon

    I’m having problem – I replaced broken screen and home button- everything worked but home button stopped working- so I opened it again and replaced button but phone is completely dead. Battery was charged so I’m wondering should i take out and refit main board to be sure cables are tight? Any help appreciated

  2. Duncan Haskell

    I think you left the proximity sensor behind, that is it broke off the ribbon cable, Ive just done the same thing! I have looked at a couple of teardowns where this happens and no-one mentions it. I think it means you have to get a whole new ribbon assembly as its soldered on and would be almost impossible to solder it back.

  3. Brenden Little

    Did all this. now I have a black screen with blue and green vertical lines when i turn the phone on. Is there a chance I permanently damaged the board? i think I may have put the screws back in improperly

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