Apple Homekit Switches. Elgato Eve vs Leviton Decora. Control any light or fan with Siri

Elgato Eve vs Leviton Decora light switch comparison.

Elgato Eve:

Leviton Decora:

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  1. mart0225

    The delay on the Elgato is because it's bluetooth.  The Leviton is wifi.  Bluetooth is more secure, won't crowd your wifi network, and is more energy efficient. Elgato has a much nicer feel as well.  

    Three-way functionality on the Leviton is a big positive.  The Lutron Caseta has three-way as well by using a jumper wire on the second switch.

    All three are bulkier than dumb switches, so they are more challenging to fit into a wall box.

  2. Greg Fletcher

    Thank you for the review. I want to start adding the Liviton switches (at your recommendation) to my house. I have several 3 switch panels I will want to replace. Example 1, 3 switches (1st, fan light, 2nd, fan control, 3rd light over fireplace. You mentioned some "dummy" switches for the Leviton. Do you have a model number?

  3. Gary Franz

    I did not read closely enough before ordering to see that the Eve switch is only single-pull – I would have bought multiple Leviton switches instead, as most of the circuits in my new house are 3-way installations. Now I'm trying to find a place to install the Eve.
    I bought the 600W Leviton dimmer, and I really like that it has specific settings for different bulb types (incandescent versus LED versus CFL). I have not yet tried a basic Leviton smart switch, but if they make them, I need about 3 more.

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