Android TV vs Samsung Tizen vs LG webOS: What's the difference?

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So, which is the best Operating system for your Smart TV?

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32 Replies to “Android TV vs Samsung Tizen vs LG webOS: What's the difference?”

  1. Mie

    Good insight but what bother me Android base tv need to exit movie apps like youtube to change video picture color or sound setting. Is there any Android TV could make picture change realtime like normal TV ?

  2. Mohammad Taher

    I appreciate your feedback, but please keep in mind something very important that android TV are stable up to some extend it's bugge from time to time. My old Samsung TV was much more stable due to the limitation of installed app. Please Keep in mind that most home theaters sync are done using App which will always have issue connecting different brand with different TV models.

    Currently i took me 2 days to figure out why my Samsung Home Theater HT5500 is not recognized by my Sony 7004d. It turns out that due to compatibility issue with ARC app and had to make a tick to make it work.

    After all, if you just want the default apps (Mostly steaming apps) with some features such as ARC PCM etc, it's stable enough. i still support his recommendation by going android TV

  3. Rolf Hu

    I buy a TV for movies , not to have a lot of shit to connect to it. First Picture Quality, then price and last anything else. Only idiots need to connect everything to everything.

  4. dekus80

    25$ for android tv box from ali and you can use it with any tv, you just need hdmi input to show picture and you can do all what you want with android os with root access. And it doesn't matter what the manufacturer added or not to the TV and how it limits you.

  5. Raymartin Saberon

    Don't ever buy LG WEBOS trust me, won't link to Alexa or Google Assistant due to lack of region support. Second, Lack of supported apps, can't even install local tv provider like CW or anything. And third prone to LED Burning. I just bought one and It leaves some burn when playing videos in highest brightness for a long time. Fourth can't use voice recognition without magic remote which is sold separately

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