Android TV vs Chinese Android Box Comparison

If you think your smart TV doesn’t give you what you need, maybe an Android box will suit your tastes. Here we compare a Google Android TV with a Chinese Android Box running on top of Google OS.

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18 Replies to “Android TV vs Chinese Android Box Comparison”

  1. izri1

    Can you recommend a tv box with wich i can use a remote instead of a keayboard/mouse? I never want to use a keyboard or a mouse, just a remote control. When i search on the internet for ''ANDROID TV OS box'', i find it very hard wich boxes exactely use the Android tv os instead of a normal android os. I only want a box that runs on the Android tv os.

  2. Cheang Vong

    recently buy android tv box 4K, how i can install asian market iptv ou htcp tv ? i have order it from spain how i can change theses program in my language? they said it is multi language but really not. thank for your attention.

  3. Peter Nickname

    What is the newest software August 2016! I thought it was Loloipop? Is android or a Google box best way to go? Sorry for the education I have a new T95 box it's ok but I had to relied everything there software kodi saw old. The remote is the worst ever have to sit inches away to make it work. Looking to replace any recmandation? Not sure about the Bavaria shield help no ever answers me not sure I'm set up on line thank you God bless

  4. wakeupnow

    1. Hey where can i get the nvidia shield tv in malaysia???
    2. Eventhough When you said it is only for US and canada, you can still use the nvidia shield tv here in malaysia??

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