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  1. Daniel Nguttu

    Hi! Mathew, i have android tv stick, it has three pots, one for power, others for HDMI and USB , when i try using 3G Modem it connect successiful but it fails to start up in order to download channels, insteady i use wifi from my cellular phone to start up,with 3G. Modem always it comes out the message Data error, so my question is how to use , wireless intenert, or wire internet with this device?

  2. josejj230

    Hi Matt

    Are you still using this stick? I wanted to buy something similar but I was worried it wouldn't get software updates. Plus I think the newest version of kodi has new system requirements too.

  3. James Gmx

    I'm thinking about getting one of these devices. Can you hook up a USB hub to the OTG and then connect multiple devices ? I'd like to connect it to a hard drive and also to a wired mouse.

  4. David Okubio

    hello Matthew, I am making a purchase of the device, but i would like to attach a web cam and a mic to it, i know i can add web cam but can I add a mic? if yes, please how, thanks in anticipation.

  5. A. Lawrence

    I had this stick for a few months and it stopped working. Build quality on these units in general is spotty. If the plan is to load Kodi I would grab a Amazon Fire Stick or box. They are better made and similar specs. The FS has 8gb of memory.

  6. voyager

    hi Matthew, I am late on spotting this little dongle, but I am thinking of picking one up soon, is wireless performance reliable, my modem is about 12 feet away in a hall with one door in between. sorry for the late question, thanks in advance man.

  7. justus005

    Is there a way to capture live tv played through the stick and download to the external hard drive? Like a dvr? Or use the stick to capture antenna based programs into the hard drive?

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