Android TV OS on Raspberry Pi

I tried out running Android TV OS on Raspberry Pi for science and the results were mixed, but if nothing else interesting.

Geek Till It Hertz site w/ intro video & download links:

Installation Guide by ETA Prime (also details side loading apps):


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19 Replies to “Android TV OS on Raspberry Pi”

  1. ericbazinga

    I was thinking about turning a bunch of RPi 3s into these Android TV boxes for all the TVs in my house (for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Plex, etc.), but I think i'll wait until the OS is useable and all the streaming services work. Right now it's just more trouble than it's worth.

  2. Just Checking

    you can get Amazon prime app for Kodi. Android TV will struggle on Raspberry Pi 3 due to the bad GPU, the GPU is so bad it doesn't even support basic HEVC let alone 10Bit. Best thing to do is get an S905X Android TV Box and then flash it with Libreelec, install a ton of plugins and your sorted. Kodi on Android through Android TV will also not be too good as you can't force Kodi to change refresh rate to match video output, it will just try to play as smooth as possible – not good. Libreelec is the way to go with S905X.

  3. Meth Methanoid

    The problem is a lack of GPU drivers. Very version of Android tried shares this issue. So Netflix etc will always be crap until drivers are fixed to allow hardware acceleration. Shown in Geeks district and those by Elxton. A real shame !!

  4. China Deals

    i have the same video how to install android tv and how it works, but in your video you have play market and google services how did you install them??? and imho this version of firmware are not useable. TOO many bugs and so on…

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