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  1. Patrick Faugh

    Has anyone had issues installing a launcher on Android 7.1.2? I've tried several and they either freeze, won't load or Windows Launcher will not acknowledge my air mouse or remote. Other than that, my box works flawlessly. Tried Nova, Google, Apex and Microsoft, none will work.

  2. Unknown Man

    I have kind of problem….
    When i download nova on my phone it works fine but when i want to download it on tv box it starts normal and little window pops up to chose launcher nova and some oranth launcher comes up and when i select nova and clik use always app just crashes not just nova i installed lot of launcers (google launcher and many many more) and it have same problem what can i do to make it work?

  3. Claude Dunnigan

    really like the squarehome tablet, its called old now in googlestore, didnt see resize option, theres a squarehome2, but its windows, really like the one you showed, where can i get it, thank you

  4. Raul cabronero

    bro.. what is the launcher comes with the box.. i have the same as you but i receved another boxes with one very similar but this one you have comes with the box is more nicely looks abd shinny.. so what is the name of the launcher cames with the box for try to find it and install i the another boxes

  5. futureace

    Nice video.  Very useful and helpful.  I didn't know changing launchers was so easy.  I'll have to experiment a bit.  I have a Beelink box and have liked the "lighthome" launcher that comes standard on their boxes.  But that "squarehome" launcher you showed also looks interesting.  Thanks

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