Android Home Automation – Vera Lite – Z Wave | Part 1

Android Home automation is going to be huge in 2013. I highly recommend you first watch my Android Home Automation Demo Video:

In this first video, I will help you get started on setting up your Vera Lite controller. VeraLite gives you easy control over lights, cameras, thermostats, door locks alarm systems and lot’s more.

Z Wave Explained:

Products Used in Video:

MiCasaVerde VeraLite Home Controller:
ntermatic CA600 Z-Wave Wall Dimmer:
Intermatic HA03C Home Settings Wireless Plug-In Indoor Lamp Dimmer:


To purchase more Z Wave Compatible devices visit:

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(ONLY at DroidKC)

Gear I Use to Make Videos:
1. Canon C200:
2. Sony A7III:
3. Favorite Prime Lens:
4. Favorite Zoom Lens:
5. Favorite Mic:
6. Complete Gear List:

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40 Replies to “Android Home Automation – Vera Lite – Z Wave | Part 1”

  1. Don Quixito

    The natural markers or notes to hit on to owning your own house the fact I'm mentally challenged stemming from abuse starting at a young age and a family arguing not only on life expectancy but quailty with my grandma working for the IRS and everyone cool with my life being moved around every year or so admittedly they believed just doing highschool was ok would leave me an ok life any frustration with me or my mother or the country is there own doing and there self fufillimg prophecy I pay for… one died out of murder by my hand sure some man slaughter but it's man slaughter and I'm mentally Incompetent

  2. Mildred Hogue

    When you add home automation to most plans with security companies they jack up your monitoring price but I was surprised when I was quoted $35 by Armorax for smartphone app control, professional monitoring AND home automation. I’m able to control my lights, door locks, thermostat and garage door!

  3. Nacho Joshas

    I'm sorry but this seems to be useless and complicated. Why would I want to turn on the lights from hawaii besides making a prank? More electromagnetic waves, more garbage from batteries, more wasted energy for a cool toy.

  4. Fernando Ecamp

    Hi very good video, with clear explanation. Do you know what security measures/ protocols are in place to protect your sensitive data. That is, I wonder how safe it is to have all your home control in the cloud. We know that even sites as dropbox, yahoo, sony have had issues with their user accounts data been compromised. If bad guys can open my garage door with a push of a button will be catastrophic.

  5. blob

    ikea (trådfri) is moving into home automation at low price high quality. they are starting with lights but will probably soon have more. Zigbee but may not connect to all hubs

  6. El Buhdai

    If I had the money to buy all of this smart equipment, I'd create a command that says "Show me why Android is better than Apple", and it would turn on my TV connected to my home theater system and play "Ain't No Stopping Us Now" by McFadden & Whitehead, have my lights go dim and bright every second or so, and play a sound file from my computer (also connected to speakers) which is a recording of me saying "This is why Android is better than Apple".

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