Analyst: The PlayStation 5 Will Outsell The Xbox Series X By 2-to-1

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Games industry research firm DFC Intelligence says that the PlayStation 5 will outsell the Xbox Series X buy 2-to-1. They also predict that the PS5 will be another 100 million unit seller for Sony. Subscribe to ReviewTechUSA

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48 Replies to “Analyst: The PlayStation 5 Will Outsell The Xbox Series X By 2-to-1”

  1. BlazinNSoul

    Sony is walking a type rope right now. While they're selling well in international markets. In Japan it's an entirely different story here! PS5 is selling so bad there.

    It is among the worst launches in the consoles history. Now it remains to be seen weather this is due to to covid-19.

    But as someone who's followed Sony for a long time. Their recent business decisions is hurting the brand back home.

    Which has seen year-on-year declines and that is not going to be good for developers or gamers.

    Competition is always good but Sony's current position is not healthy. I'm hoping they're able to turn around their own market.

    Because that is going to be important for long term investments & for the Sony brand as a whole.

  2. yehohanan66

    You guys seem to be lost. Microsoft is no longer interested on winning your do-cslled console war (which is absurd, btw you play whatever you want and that's it. Live and let live) they are focusing on having presence on the almost 250 million smartphone devices available out there with their X-Cloud service. In a few years, no one will be interested in consoles when all you will need to have to play Killer instinct, cuphead, halo, gears of War, etc, will be your smartphone, an Xbox controller, and a gamepass ultimate suscription. Guess what? When that day come, Playstation will be out of the equation trying to sell their outdated consoles. Time will tell.

  3. 1.MaŃ 1000 Subs{No Vids}

    Its all because 0f the success of the PS4 and ps4 pro over the xbox one,one and one s.People are anticipating far to much from the PS5.And Xbox is just throwing more Fuel into the fire by Showcasing HALO and about the exclusive games drama.

  4. zbirdzell

    Like I've said before; owning a high end gaming PC makes it pointless to own a XSX. With Nvidia shield coming in much cheaper then XSX; I can play all Microsoft content in my gaming room or the comfort of my living room. With PS remote play I can play all Sony content on my PC or in my living room. I honestly think this is a smart move by Microsft considering they know they will not outsell Sony in console sales. If you own a console only, and considering both consoles will be backwards compatible, current users would have little reason to switch eco systems now. 103 million Sony users. 65 million xbox users.

  5. Bestbasstard Igualador

    Phill Spencer said …If [selling more consoles than Sony and Nintendo] was our approach, we wouldn’t put our games on PC,” Spencer said. “We wouldn’t put our games on Xbox One, we wouldn’t do xCloud and allow people to play games on their phones.”

    “‘How many consoles do I sell versus how many consoles does another company sell,’” he added. “Sony or Nintendo or other companies back in the day, that’s not our approach.”
    Spencer went on to say that Microsoft is attempting to build experiences around players, which explains initiatives such as Xbox Game Pass, xCloud, and allowing people to access first-party exclusives via a range of different platforms. In fairness, given that  it’s become essential for Microsoft to lean into its services, as opposed to focusing strictly on hardware without its intended launches
    Xbox should bring these 8 franchises back for Xbox Series X
    It’s also worth noting that , which could be good news for those interested in next-gen backwards compatibility – especially given the versatility Microsoft affords players now across Xbox, PC, and mobile.

  6. Darth1Marik

    I wouldn't say 100% in confidence that Sony will dominate the next gen like it did this one. I mean it looks like they may but we aren't for sure. While these Analysts say it will they are basing this off previous performance and data from the last gen which makes sense. However They haven't taken into account what Microsoft is doing differently this gen. I've been full speed a PS fan I have the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 and I will be getting the PS5 as well. However over the past 2 years everything I've seen Microsoft doing leads me to believe they are not looking be 2nd place again. I might get a new next gen Xbox console depending on the exclusives we see from the 3rd party devs they bought up a while back.

  7. Nathan Wixon

    Console wars needs to chill, I’m just finna switch over to Xbox to play with my friends, that’s all that matters, even if PlayStation has really good games I still wanna hang with the boys at 1:00 am on halo

  8. Sean Homar

    Its obvious that ps5 would outsell the xbox series x, for starters this generation consoles allowed sony to make real strides.

    The ps4 was the better console with what means the most to gamers, game exclusives and graphics.

    You will always have fan boys who no matter what will buy their chosen brand, its people like me who just purely love gaming and dont care what system its on as long as i get my gaming fun that xbox needs to target, the floating gamers., previous gens ive been xbox, but this gen i went ps4, next gen im on fence still.

    Both consoles have a lot to offer, ps5 has the looks, the bigger game exclusives and in my eyes for first time ever, the better controller.

    Xbox sx has more power and therefore third party games will run and look slightly better on it, but other than that im struggling to make an argument for it.

    Why would i want a console with less exclusives, a game pad that seems stuck in past with no real improvements, and no exclusives released for first year ?

    I have gaming pc also albeit an average one. So could play cbox games on that.

  9. Martin9054 -

    The opinion of this guy isnt very right because he supposes that every gamer owns a pc. Xbox's problem isnt that it offers its exclusives in PC aswell. A lot of people buys rather a xbox than a pc even though they know they can play the exclusives in both platforms.

  10. Um_Zito

    Xbox wants to sell you a subscription into their ecosystem. Selling you a console is icing on the cake for them i'm sure. Gamepass is the real Xbox exclusive that Playstation doesn't have. And Project X Cloud is their killer app.

  11. Crusherbad64

    Let's not forget the deal with Microsoft and Sony made a few years ago where Don't will start using Microsoft to expand PS Now on their hardware because Sony is not able to expand the user base for cloud gaming.

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